SOLD Lakland Skyline 55-01 5 string MIK

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  1. Bunk McNulty

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    Dec 11, 2012
    Northampton, MA
    2003 (Made in Korea) Lakland Skyline 55-01 for sale. 35” scale. Nut width 1.81”. Delrin nut. .92” fingerboard radius. Neck is Flat-Sawn Maple with Graphite Reinforcement Bars. Maple fingerboard. Hipshot (licensed) Ultralite tuners. Ash body. Easy truss rod access. Controls: Volume, Treble, Midrange, Bass, and Panning-style pickup blend controller knob. Volume knob lifts to bypass preamp. Pickups: Bartolini MK-1 split-coil soapbars. Dual access bridge (through-body option). Cherryburst body. Previous owner installed a black plastic thumb rest between the pickups, which I rather like. Strung with Curt Mangan Fusion-Matched roundwounds. It had a pro setup done right after purchase. Comes with super-sturdy Phitz gig bag. Price $575 firm shipped CONUS only, Paypal only.

    Purchased a couple months ago from local dealer. My intention was to make a 5 string part of my regular arsenal, and after shopping around was amazed to find it hanging on the wall at one of the local shops in Northampton. I’ve had fun fooling around with it; it’s like the Swiss Army Knife of basses—you can get just about any tone you want out of it. Problem is, I’m so busy these days I just don’t have the time to sit and woodshed with it (yeah, poor me, we should all have such problems). If you know Laklands, you know these are very well-made for the price and are just crazy easy to play. Not interested in trades right now.

    This is a bass that has obviously seen a lot of playing time. The most visible ding is on the back; there are a couple minor dings on the headstock. There are scratches on the rear access panel. Scuffs on the pickups. Overall patina of wear. See the pictures for details. IMG_3761.jpg IMG_3762.jpg IMG_3763.jpg IMG_3766.jpg IMG_3767.jpg IMG_3768.jpg IMG_3769.jpg IMG_3772.jpg IMG_3774.jpg

    Just for fun, here’s Sweetwater’s video demo:
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    do you have an accurate weight on this bass?
  3. Bunk McNulty

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    Dec 11, 2012
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    9.7 lbs on the electronic bathroom scale.