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SOLD Lakland Skyline 55-60 (Joe Osborn 5 string)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Neon Scribe, Dec 20, 2013.

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  1. A beautiful near-mint instrument, 35" scale, crafted in Korea. Candy apple red with mint pickguard. Currently strung with Rotosound 77 flats. Includes Dunlop strap locks. Includes original hardshell case. 10.0 pounds even, according to the bathroom scale. $1100 Paypal shipped CONUS or $1000 local cash exchange New York City metro/Hudson Valley area.
  2. Will consider trades for a quality 34" scale 5 string, with cash adjustment on either side if necessary. American Fender V, Carvin SB5000/PB5, Sadowsky Metro 5, etc.
  3. Still available?
  4. Trade pending. If nobody brings cash tomorrow it will be driving to Los Angeles on Monday!
  5. dave_p


    Dec 20, 2005
    If you and that bass are in W.Nyack any time soon, Im just over the Tappan Zee in Stamford CT. I have a 1992 Fender Jazz Plus 5 clear ash body w/ original case and everything that came with it I might trade.
  6. I've got a trade pending for 2008 American Fender Jazz V, which I think is closer to what I'm looking for. Thanks for your interest, though.
  7. Still waiting to close the trade.
  8. The trade counterparty has been on radio silence for a week. I don't know if or when I'll hear from him, but I'm open to offers in the meantime.
  9. Trade pending again, offers welcome.
  10. On its way to sunny L.A.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.