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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by baba, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. Lakland Skyline 55-AJ in black cherry. This is like new. It is in EXCELLENT+++++ condition. I bought it brand new, pulled it out of the factory box, and played it lightly a few times. Plays wonderful as expected with a Lakland Plek job and of course sounds great. Alas, I am still a passive guy. Letting go of this and my SR5.....that sale to post soon.

    Comes in original factory box with the paperwork and allen keys that came with it. I'll pack this box well inside another box for safe shipping. Here is a link to additional detailed pics: Skyline 55-AJ black cherry/


  2. funkboy5

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    Jan 4, 2008
    San Antonio, TX
  3. Nice Bass! What kind of pickups are on your Lakland?? And do they sound as good as Fender Jazz?
  4. Lakland Vintage J pickups. Sound is a bit subjective, but MANY feel that Laklands play and sound better than Fenders. Research the market or play them and you can make your own conclusions.
  5. rojo412

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    That is gorgeous!
    GLWTS bump for a good dude, selling a sweet bass.
  6. Thanks my man! :bassist:
  7. buffalobillh


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    Good thing it's not fretless. I might become frantic trying to sell my basses.
  8. Not sure if they made these in fretless, but that would be a nice bass.
  9. takhammer


    Jan 17, 2011
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    Baba, would you have any interest in trading for a very nice, custom warmoth build with the original Ken Smith Electronics? I just got it form a fellow TBer, and honestly expected it to sound a bit different. I have a 55-02, with a U retro, and while the Warmoth has a much smoother sound, it's too similar to the tone of my 55-02. Cash value was $875, and i'd pay you the difference. The original thread is Here. It plays great, and has a great sound. Let me know if this interests you. If not, GLWTS, and I'll be trying to get it myself when i have cash.

    Thanks, Cory
  10. Sorry, not looking for trades on this one.

    Also, looks like this is now on hold pending payment....
  11. Still haven't received payment, so this one is back on the market. Hit me up if you are interested.
  13. PM sent
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