SOLD Lakland Skyline 5501 with upgrades

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    This is a Skyline 5501 that was professionally modified with Nordstrand Big Splits pickups and a Noll three band + passive tone 18v preamp. Under 9 lb and nicely balanced on a strap.There is a chip in between the knobs (shown in the pics) and a little surface scratching here and there but it's in great shape. The Noll is a nice option as it gives you the ability to roll off the tone and boost treble at 4k like the Sadowsky preamp.

    Great playing and sounding bass. I bought this and a Roscoe Century Standard in the same week and have decided to keep the Roscoe. However, it was kind of a toss up. The neck on this is amazing and the electronics package is, frankly, way better than the Roscoe. B string is outstanding. For the money, I would say that this is the better bass, but the Roscoe fills a different niche for me as I already have a nice active 5 jazz bass.

    No international offers please. USA only shipping.

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  2. This will ship in a Kaces brand semi-rigid case.
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    Which Noll pre? Can I run it on 9 volts?

    Volume, blend, bass, treble, passive tone... correct? WAIT... I just saw the stacked knob. So you have a mid knob? What frequency?

  4. It is wired for 18v with the second battery under the control plate in a clip. I believe this preamp will run at 9v (according to the bestbassgear site), but I have not tried it. It will also run passive with the volume knob pulled up and the tone control still works in passive mode. Controls are volume (push pull passive), blend, Bass/treble stack, mid, passive tone.
  5. Deal pending.
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