Lakland skyline A/B 55-01 & 55-02 differences

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  1. Kappytann

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    May 10, 2017
    I bought a beautiful 2004 Lakland skyline 55-01 that was upgrades with the Aguilar obp3 pre amp and Nordstrand pups, and i completely fell in love. Best bass ever! Until.... i got a killer deal on an all stock 2006 Lakland skyline 55-02. So i thought, whats better than having 2 incredible basses right? But these 2 basses are night and day different. which isn't a bad thing, but what i have read on TB and other sites about these basses everyone has said they are exactly the same but with different electronics.

    so...... my question is: has anyone else noticed a difference in Weight, neck radius, *tone, and over all quality between these 2?
    **And i understand the tone would be different the 55-02 is Awesome in the tone department. thanks for any and all info and help
    P.S. 20171011_133559.jpg i also included a pic of the basses, hope you enjoy
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    I've owned both. I still own the 55-01. Upgraded of course. Aggie Super Doubles and OBP-3 preamp. I've owned 2 of the 55-02's. First one had the older Bartolini setup. I didn't like it. The second one had the Lakland setup and really sounded good but didn't feel comfortable to me so it had to go. It did sound good though. Still don't know why Lakland won't do a US version of the 55-01. The necks were the same on all 3.
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  3. Kappytann

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    May 10, 2017
    yeah the neck on the 55-01 is super thin and wide, i truly love the feel of it. And the 55-02 is almost like a p bass neck, still wide but very round....its a weird thing. And there is nothing on the Lakland about a different radius. I love the feel of the 55-01 and the sound of the 55-02, wish i could just weld them together. lol
  4. Same neck on both!! In Different years the neck profile changes slightly!
    I own a 2001, 2002, 2004, 2008
    2012. 4 are 5501. One is a 5502
    2001 and 2002 about the same p bass-ish.
    2004. Wide and thin

    the 2008 smallest feeling. 2012. Back to big and roundish
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  5. Kappytann

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    May 10, 2017
    okay thats Awesome to know. thank you....these are my first lakies and I'm pretty sure I'm a lifer! lol thanks again
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