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SOLD Lakland Skyline Bob Glaub (44-64) Hot Aguilar P in Satin Candy Orange (1.5")

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Polk Salad, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Polk Salad

    Polk Salad Supporting Member

    Sep 18, 2007
    Hi guys,
    It pains me to do this but something has to gooooooooooooo!

    If you're a long term TB'r you've seen this bass before. It's cool. It's awesome. It plays easy and sounds great. I love Laklands. This Bob Glaub has the Jazz profile (1.5" nut).

    I'm including the description from the original thread below as well as links to the original postings when this was sold previously. This will ship with a Fender gig bag.

    The photos here I took myself, take a look at these links for others!

    All credit for this wonderful bass goes to our own Holdsg!

    SOLD - Lakland Skyline Bob Glaub (44-64) Hot-P in Satin Candy Orange

    "This was a project, and it turned out great.
    I would keep it, but I have my eye on something I think I will like even more.
    $1000 OBO shipped within lower 48 states and Canada. Won't ship outside of there.
    Price is negotiable, make me an offer. But I can afford to be patient. Trade offers will be ignored, sorry.

    If you want a great looking P-bass with a more modern tone, this might be the bass for you.
    This bass started out its life in 2005, Made in Korea, it was originally a Candy Apple Red color.
    The body was professionally refinished by Pat Wilkins, the same guy who finishes the US Laklands and many other custom guitar builder's best products, into a beautiful and unique satin candy orange color.
    You will not find another Lakland bass with this color and finish (until mine is copied by someone else).
    I then installed a modern-sounding P-bass pickup, the Aguilar Hot-P, with larger pole pieces and overwinding. There is a great youtube video demo of the pickup here:

    Aguilar Amplification: Bass Pedals, Bass Pickups, Bass Preamps, Bass Amplifiers, and Bass Speaker Cabinets

    While the body was away getting its new do, I worked on the neck.
    I sanded down the typical Skyline neck which has a light gloss finish to the bare wood, then applied an oil/wax blend finish, and topped it off with steel wool, the result is a nice satin finish.
    There are no nicks on the body, as it's been completely redone, and neck is super smooth. There are some small nicks on the headstock, but nothing that is alarming or affects tone.

    This bass weighs 9lbs 6oz on my digital scale. Not super light, but no boat anchor."

    More info here: SOLD - Lakland Skyline Bob Glaub (44-64) Hot-P with Jazz neck in Satin Candy Orange






    These are Holdsg's original pictures (thank you):

    Last edited: Jun 6, 2017
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  2. TimBosby

    TimBosby Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 19, 2004
    Omaha, NE, USA

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