Lakland Skyline Fretless on eBay

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by alembicbones, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. alembicbones


    Nov 10, 2000
    Seattle, WA
    Hey Folks,

    Check out this auction:

    From what I had heard, this is about the timing for this bass to become available. If I were still in the market for a fretless, I would have done the "buy it now" by now. Additionally, you can't go wrong dealing with the dude.

    Best Wishes,
  2. kirbywrx

    kirbywrx formerly James Hetfield

    Jul 27, 2000
    Melbourne, Australia.
    Man that is some nice bass....why do people do this?! I have enough gas already!!
    Where did you find it? Are you gonna buy it?!?!?!
  3. Ya cant miss with this. The "Dude" is a very good guy to deal with, I have bought stuff from him, and he is straight up.
  4. Christopher


    Apr 28, 2000
    New York, NY
    That's one of the best three-toned sunburst finishes I've seen in a while.
  5. You can't go wrong with the Skyline, can't go wrong with Dude. I had one of the firts 55-01's and it was a nice bass; I don't even feel like I have to say "for the money". But you'd be hard-pressed to find something else this good at this price.
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