Lakland Skyline series...opinions?

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  1. lamonica78


    Feb 9, 2008
    Hey everyone,

    I recently got some birthday money/gift certs to my favorite bass shop. I'm playing hooky tomorrow and heading out to possibly buy a new bass. I'm considering trading in my Spector ReBop 5 (early model, around 2002-2004) towards this purchase. It has served me well the past few years, but it's time for a change. When all is said and done, between the trade in and cash/gift certs I should probably have about $1000- $1200 to play around with.

    I'm considering purchasing a Lakland Skyline bass (not sure what model yet). Does anyone have any opinions on these basses? I realize they are not US made, so one question I have is this.....are they of similar high quality as Spector's Euro/ReBop models, or is it like purchasing a Rock Bass by Warwick? I'm hoping it's the former than the latter!

    Any opinions?
  2. waynobass


    Feb 27, 2008
    I don't know how they compare to Spector or Warwick, but they are better than the USA Fenders I've played!
  3. superfunk47


    Sep 9, 2007
    They're supposed to be some of the best around. The only complaint people ever seem to have with them are the electronics (the preamp is supposedly a bit harsh in the upper range if you crank it). My solution? Don't crank it :cool:
  4. nothing like a rock bass, its much much nicer. i love skylines i have 3 now and ill be recievin #4 tommorow. they are built great. i have a 44-02 and one of my customers has the u.s. made 44-92 and he played mine and said the only difference he could see was that his rosewood board has birdseye maple dots. other than that he said they sound and play identical. my dj4 has an audere preamp with lakland pickups, a freind of mine hass a u.s. fender jazz w/ audere and barts and he thinks mine plays and sounds better and built just as well if not sturdier feeling than wont be dissapointed. in fact i traded a rebop 4 for my 44-02 and the guy i traded it to ended up missing it so much he bought another 44-02 a week later and put the rebop up on ebay. i think rebops are great basses, but compared to a lakland skyline.... not so much.
  5. I've diddled around w/Skylines & US Laklands; they compare very nicely. Both very well-built, play & sound great- if their 5ers were 34" I'd likely have one or two.
  6. Someday I'll have Dan and the folks make me a bass with a half sawn neck, but I;ve had two Sky's a 55-01 ( I didnt prefer Barts - and I wish I had put some Nordy fat stacks in 'er) , and my current main bass , a JoBo5 (in avatar).

    I cant comment on any comparos. But Skylines are most awesome. HIGHLY recommended!
  7. Ezbass


    Apr 3, 2008
    The Skylines are very nice and are super quality. The only difference I could really discern between the 55-94 US and 55-02 Skyline was the fret size (fatter on the US and smoother feeling). If there hadn't been a US model available and it had been a blindfold test I'd have said it was a US built bass, mind you for Korean basses they ain't cheap.

    Also recently played the Duck Dunn (superb), Bob Glaub and Daryl Jones Skylines at a show, all really nice and comparable, if not better than US Fenders. Wasn't too keen on the 44-01 though , a bit too "glassy" IMO, but then I'm really into passive basses at the moment. It certainly played really nicely.
  8. jasper383

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    Dec 5, 2004
    Durham NC
    They have a devoted following here, for good reason. They are very nicely done.

    I personally would not put them on par with US Fenders, maybe more along with the Japanese Fenders. I had 2 Rebops at one point, and thought they were better made than the Skylines I have owned/played.

    My advice would be to play a lot of basses to get a better grip of what exactly you want, then buy a used one. There is a tremendous market for used basses out there, and you can easily get a $1200 guitar for 600 or so. The classified section here is a goldmine of great values.
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    I disagree. I just spent the last week playing a 5502 next to a new USA Fender P5 and J5. The Lakland was far better in just about everyway.

    Very impressed.
  11. LilRay

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    Dec 27, 2007
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  12. I used to have a 4402 deluxe w\Barts. Currently have a 5501 stock.

    I really enjoyed the 4402. The neck felt super! Smooth, thin, easy to play. The bass as a whole felt great, balanced well, was light. It sounded great too! Very versatile tonally. I liked the controls configuration too. Easy to dial in the tones you want. I recently sold it because it didn't satisfy my urge for a real Stingray. It was close, but I just had to have the real thing. I'd buy another one in a second if it showed up in the Classifieds with the LH3 system.

    The 5501 is IMHO one of the best used values in a five string. I'd dare to say I like the way it sounds better than the 4402 I had. And it's bone stock.
  13. Yes, the classifieds here are great! Although, 44-02's have been few and far between on here used. Of course DJ's, Glaubs, Five strings (5502, 5501) and 4401's have been pretty common used.
  14. but, holy wood and steel strings (Batman!), what tone...if I may make such a sacrilege, I think this outdoes Marcus' tone!

  15. lamonica78


    Feb 9, 2008
    Thanks for all the great info guys! Glad to hear that they are not poor quality like Rockbass by Warwick.

    I'll be testing out quite a few of Skyline models tomorrow when I hit the store, as well as some other basses in my price range. I'll post pics of whatever I decide to buy!
  16. NKUSigEp


    Jun 6, 2006
    Bright, IN
    A Lakland Skyline is the same quality as the Euro/Rebop models, some may argue better depending on personal tastes. It is no where near the cheap feeling you get from other "lower priced" models of big brand names. A Skyline IS a professional piece of equipment, not a bang-around instrument you get to learn on before you spend $3k on the US model.

    I've owned a 44-02, a Duck Dunn P-bass, and a 55-02 Deluxe and all have been simply amazing in action and playability. But personally, I'd prefer the Spector. Just something about the tone gets me.

    PM me if you're serious about ditching the Rebop for a Skyline (particularly a 55-02 Deluxe).
  17. Hollow Man

    Hollow Man Supporting Member

    Apr 28, 2003
    Springfield, VA
    I'm a big fan of the Skyline -02 models and the signature basses (JO, DJ, BG, DD). I'm not as impressed with the tones from the 01's, although the construction is still very nice. I'd say they're among the absolute best deals in the bass industry.
  18. I have a Spector Euro and have played the Lakland 44-01, 44-02 and Darryl Jones models. I would say they definitely compare favorably in quality. But they are different kinds of instruments. It's almost like comparing apples and oranges, except that they're all basses. :) The Spector probably has a slight edge when it comes to flash and feel, but the Laklands are very nice.
  19. EBodious


    Aug 2, 2006
    personally, i was underwhelmed by the rebop i played (mite have just been that one). i like the tone of my 55-02 better. and be prepared to be blown away by the feel of the neck.

    let us know how it goes, though. i'd like to hear your impressions.
  20. tycobb73


    Jul 23, 2006
    Grand Rapids MI
    I hven't played a Skyline with Lakland electronics. But I can tell you this. The rebop is bass and treble boost only. The 44-02 is bass, mid, treble, all cut and boost. The Lakland has a tap coil switch. The neck on the Lakland is skinnier and has a satin finish to it. The rebop has a natural finish. The rebop will be smoother but some saya satin finish is vital to protect the neck. The Lakland will balance better, but the Rebop is smaller and probably lighter. I don't think anything has the high, aggressive sound of a stock Spector. Not my cup of tea at all. A lot of people dump the tone pump to get a more flat tone. When I firt heard it I thought the batteries were dead. Oh, and thelakland has a passive mode too.

    I'd take the lakland over the rebop in a heartbeat. In fact, I'm the one Matt is talking about. The quality control is so good on these I don't understand why people pay double the price for a US one.