No longer available Lakland USA Joe Osborn 44-60 Spalted Burl Top

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    Excellent condition USA Lakland Joe Osborn 44-60. Ash body only 8.2 lbs, with a spalted Burl top, rosewood board with binding, maple dots, hipshot reverse tuners, passive with either Lindy Fralin or Lakland pick-ups. Zero issues. Superior playability, flawless fretwork. 1.5” nut width. Comes with original case. New on Reverb I found one for $4200. Price includes shipping.

    Trades considered plus or minus cash. Love Jazz basses! Sadowsky Metro, Lull, American Fender 4’s. Fender Elite 5 or other 34 scale 5 strings top the list, but I’m open other offers
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    That's really really nice!
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    Wow! That's a unique Osborn!
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    Wow, beautiful.
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    Holy beautiful bass, Batman! This is amazing…
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