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Lakland55/63 What should I expect?Opinions?any Owners?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MrGump, Feb 4, 2001.

  1. MrGump


    Apr 20, 2000
    I just picked up a Lakland 55/63 Wilie Weeks prototype.I got it for what I consider a steal.It is my first 35"scale bass,and thought it a great way to get a nice wide 35 inexpensively.I have never been a Jazz bass fan,I just dont get it,with the love affair for their tone.Everytime I play a P/J set up I wind up playing on the P only.
    What should I expect tone wise from this bass?Any amp or pre-amp suggestions?
    It plays great and is waayy lighter than I expected.
    It is very well made and thought out.
    It is VERY loud when un-amplified.Especially in the upper registers.
    I find myself playing with all three knobs up full(V V T),and making all adjustments at the amp.Thanks in advance for advise.

    [Edited by MrGump on 02-04-2001 at 03:54 PM]
  2. MrGump


    Apr 20, 2000
    26 views no replys!Somebody say something!
  3. Dude,

    As a former Lakland employee, who worked on the WW model. I gots to tell you that it is only a bass that plays like a Lakland, but with a J (or P/J) setup, passively wired. I'm assuming from your post that yours is the P/J. Obviously, playing with the P pickup only will give you a more trebly tone than playing with both pickups full up. But you mention that you play the WW with all knobs full up. If your not fond of the sound of this setup, perhaps this was not the bass for you, tonewise - steal or not. Try running your amp flat EQ wise, and adjusting your tone on the bass. If that doesn't work, consider getting yourself a Lakland with their standard active configuration. You'll get much more of a choice of tones.
  4. MrGump


    Apr 20, 2000
    Sorry if I was unclear.It has a J/J configuration.Your right it may not be the right bass for me.But I wanted a 35 which was a much easier transition than I thought.And the wide string spacing is truly a god send.Ive had alot of basses over the years and this is just another avenue to be explored.If I dont like the passive single coil set up Lakland will put in 2 barts and a pre amp for $200.
  5. Sounds like that's the way to go for ya. They'll have to drill two more holes in the bass because of the the 3 band EQ, and the addition of the blend pot. Also add shielding to your control cavity. I'm willing to bet that this configuration will more suited to your taste, based on what you've said.

    Good Luck!
  6. MrGump


    Apr 20, 2000
    Herm,thanks alot.I was told by Dan that the cavity was the same so the conversion is no sweat.I do however have some collectible basses,and put a premium on leaving everything original.So I am willing to explore the Pre-amp route.Any suggestions?Any AMP suggestions?
  7. The standard Bartolini NTMB-L preamp that Dan uses is really sweet. For my taste, it beats the demeter or aguilar options that he offers, and variations in tones that you can get out of it are incredible.

    My Laklands sound great through my Eden setup. But I run it with the EQ set completely flat. I've even run them through an amp with no other preamp than the one on the bass, and it sounded good.

    [Edited by Herm on 02-11-2001 at 01:19 AM]
  8. MrGump


    Apr 20, 2000
    I have always been a big Bart fan.Im looking to maybe try a couple of OUTboard pre's with this bass before I make the conversion.Is the Bart (onboard) Pre your talking about the same as a Pedulla Rapture J2?
  9. I believe that the Pedulla is a 2 band EQ?

    The NTMB-L that Lakland uses is a 3 band EQ, Treble/Mid/Bass with a pickup blend control. You can switch between active and passive by pulling/pushing the volume knob. It has a midrange frequency dipswitch in the control cavity. With this dipswitch, you can adjust the mid frequency's midpoint, that the mid knob cuts or boosts from. It gives a lot of tonal (is that a word?) options.

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