Lakland's Little Frets

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  1. I've owned and modded a Lakland 55-01 last year but have since sold it to buy my Valenti. I really missed that bass when I let her go but have forgotten all about it when my new bass arrived from Nino. I still love my Valenti very much but I just found a Lakland 44-94 with a flamed maple top hanging on a Guitar Center wall tonight. I picked it up and noodled with it for about an hour. Man!!!! I forgot how good Lakland necks feel. The action was soooo low and my hands seemed to fly on that fretboard. I think the main reason I love Lakland necks so much is because of the tiny frets they use. It seems that you can get the action a little closer to the fretboard without fret buzz with those little frets.

    How come other companies don't use these type of frets, since they feel perfect IMO? I loved that bass and would have walked out with it if it was a 5 string 55-94.
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    Fender! Both my MIJ '62 Reissue P basses have small frets. Eyeballing them, they look the same as the 55-01.
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    I think its because those frets wear out quicker than usual.

    I do love them fast necks though :).
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    None. At all.
    I like the smaller frets as well, but they're not for everybody. Both small frets and large frets bring their own set of solutions and problems to the table - there's no "one size fits all" ideal.

    Fender was doing smaller fret sizes in the 60s and Music Man basses featured them before the Ernie Ball takeover.
  5. I like the slap tone on bigger frets better. Also, I find big frets to be a little more forgiving..

    For those reasons, I like big frets (a little) better.