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For Sale Laminated Czech Bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by Wesley Andrew, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Wesley Andrew

    Wesley Andrew

    Mar 7, 2018
    Up for sale is my laminated Czech bass. The bass was most likely made during the late 1950's or 1960's by an unknown luthier/company. For being over 40 years old it's in pretty good shape overall.

    As far as laminated basses go, it has a really nice singing tone and I've gotten many compliments on it. The bass responds fairly well with the bow and has a decent pizzicato. I've never used a pickup with it, so I don't know how that would sound. I've found that this bass gets the most out of hybrid strings, as many laminated basses do. I have had a lot of different strings on this bass: Flexicor, Original-Felxicor, Helicores and Evah Pirazzi strings. Personally, Evah Pirazzi's were my preferred strings for this bass. The high tension strings gave it a great sound, but ruined the overall response of the bass.

    This bass would be great for a younger musician who's looking to own a bass instead of rent, or someone looking for a nice bass without the required maintenance of a fully carved bass.

    If it's any consolation this bass did get me into, and half way through my undergrad before I thought I needed something else.

    I am NOT interested in trades, sorry.


    Eb Neck
    String Length: 41 3/8
    UB: 20 1/2
    LB: 26


    20180302_125416.jpg 20180302_130049.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
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  2. basspraiser

    basspraiser Jammin for the Lamb! Supporting Member

    Dec 8, 2006
    Chicago - NW Burbs
    Looking for a reasonably priced upright...oh man....this may fit the bill!

    I only need to convince my wife.... :)
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  3. Bigbassguy


    Jun 5, 2017
    good luck!

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