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Lane Poor PU's on a New Carvin LB75 ?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by rickbass, Nov 10, 2000.

  1. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    I have a full dress, Carvin LB75 on order, (block inlays, tire skirts, gold hardware, double cheese, quilted top, genuine crocodile LED thermometer, 5-piece neck, et al), and after reading some pertinent postings, I noted a couple of TalkBass LB75 owners talk about replacing their pickups. It's ordered with the J99 and the newer series HB Alnico-5 humbucker. Since there is still at least 1&1/2 months build time left on this thing, I'm wondering if I should get in touch with Carvin and have them send it directly to Lane Poor, less pickups, so Poor can install their PU's and preamp. From my research, it appears the Poors are blasting the pole pieces off of Bartolinis and EMG's, (consequently, Poor is currently backlogged 2 months+ on orders). HOWEVER, I have seen many posts around the `Net from LB75 owners who are as happy with their Carvin pickups as a polecat in a Porto-Potty. As a matter of fact, the Lane Poor website has a special click-on, Carvin section which shows the control cavity of a Carvin and describes how wonderful the Carvin design/workmanship is. Would appreciate any input, especially from anyone who owns/has owned, uses/has used Lane Poors and anyone who has owned/used an LB75 with the newer pickups, as well as anyone else. (I don't want to consider the Lightwave optical PU's until they establish a track record).

    Low Hz's and High db's,

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  2. Babs


    May 5, 2000
    Sandy Utah
    I am sorry but I recommend not sending it to Lane Poor, because you don't know if you will ever see it again. I am having a custom bass made myself from Mike Kinal, and I wanted Lane Poors in mine also I ordered it back in January, and I have been waiting 8 months for Pickups and never received any. He kept promising me that they would be done in two weeks, he even said he sent them out, but you know what they never reached their destination, and he never produced a tracking number, so I decieded to go with AERO instument P/U's. The Lane Poors do sound great, but it is not worth dealing with Lane, he is burning bridges with everybody that deals with him so my advice to you is just go with the Pick ups that come with it and if you want to change try something else not Lane Poors. That two month Plus is BS He doesn't know when he is going to be in buisness, but you can give him a call 1(508) 679-1922, you might have to try 10 times to get in touch but, don't send him money unless you are sure you can get them, because I am out of $175.00.
  3. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Babs - Thanks for the warning. I wonder what's going on there..too much success and he can't spend that crazy money fast enough??? I saw a user review of the Aero's and the owner gave them an acid test by, first, putting them on a cheap Japanese bass - said they even made a junky piece of wood sound good. Then he put them on his P-bass and said it was fantastic, rating them 10 out of 10. I'll see how the newer Carvins sound and if I'm not happy, the Aero's appear to be a wonderful alternative. Please get back on how you like them.

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