Laney 4x10 or Nemesis 4X10

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  1. I've got my head (WT-400) now it's time for the cab/s! Now i'm on a bit of a budget here so its come down to these two choices for me.

    Laney R410 or Eden Nemesis NSP410.

    Eventually I will have 2 of either of these cabs. I'm sort of leaning towards the Laney cos it's got triple rear ports, whereas the Nemesis only has one port at the front. I've played both and like them both, now I need your opinions!
  2. Anyone?
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    I prefer front ported cabinets which produce a better low end than rear ported, which will suffer especially when playing a small venue and you have to place the rear ported cabinet too close to the wall.
  4. Never tried the laney, didnt care much for the nemesis 410 combo I tried, sounded sort of hollow and not enough oomph behind it, liked the nemesis 115 combo though
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    That's actually a very strange way to decide between cabs. Has someone told you more ports are better? The science behind porting is a lot more involved than that.
  6. Yeah I don't know much about ports, am I wrong in saying that triple rear ports would be better than one single port? Cos if that's the case I'd seriously consider the Nemesis 4X10. It probably sounds dumb but like I said I don't know much about ports.

    P.S. Remember me Pete?
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  8. The Nemesis will handle the amp's power way better than the Laney - front-ported cabinets give better low end projection and are more consistent in different venues/positions to my ears.

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    Dec 22, 2002
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    Of course I remember:)

    I won't get into the science of porting too much here. The short answer is that all ported cabs are tuned to a certain frequency. Get the frequency right, and there's any number of port configurations you can use to obtain that frequency. For example, lets say I want to tune the cab to 40Hz. I will be able to do this with one port, two ports, three ports, any number of ports I like. And provided the ports aren't so small that they whistle, the cab will usually sound the same.

    I can give your Nemisis 3 ports if you like if I keep the tuning frequncy unchanged, but it wouldn't affect the sound or speaker performance overall. The number of ports is irrelevent.
  10. Hmmm well now i'm totally stumped! Thanks for the explanation Pete.

    I am going to go try both cabs again to figure out which one sounds better to my ears, but if I like the Laney more overall, will the rear ports be a disadvantage in the long run?
  11. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
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    Probably not. The disagvantages are all mentioned above, but they're not big issues. The biggest one is the one about not putting it too close to the back wall. The general rule is to allow the distance larger than the port diameter. So if it's a 10cm port(s), keep the cab at least 10cm from the back wall etc...... on small stages, this is not always easy.

    Don't forget to try to pick the cab up. Portability is one of the Nemisis' strong points. 35kg is not heavy for a 4x10
  12. There are a couple of people saying that front ports give better low-end projection, but from what you've told me I gather that this isn't totally correct, true?
  13. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    Personally I don't hear any difference, but you will hear this topic debated often enough. The truth is we'll never know until we A/B two identical cabs where the only thing different is one has front ports and one has rear ports. It's never gonna happen with commercial cabs, but something I have experimented with in my home-made cabs.

    But until you do it this way, there are waaaayyyyyy to many other variables to explain why two different cabs sound different. Heck compare the Nemisis front ported cab to any other front ported cab and it'll sound different right? How much of that is to do with the position of the ports? Probably very little.

    I hear some people say front ports give better low end, I hear others ay the opposite. I more often hear the front ported cabs have more midrange? So which is it?

    It doesn't matter. The tone differences being heard are IMO not related to the position of the ports.

    Have a look at the Acme website. Andy has an article in there somewhere which makes sense. Click on the products page and you'll see a link to the article.
  14. Thanks again Pete
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