Laney RBW 200

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  1. After searching I found only a few threads containing information about this particular Bass Combo.

    I saw one in a music store when I was looking for a new bass amp on which to spend about 300 euros, it was a used one exactly 299 euro's.

    I would be delighted if anyone could fill me in about the pro's and the con's of this combo and if it would be a nice deal.

    btw. I play a squier infinity through a samick ba10 right now
  2. what are the spec's of that thingie?

    I'd say get a few extra's on it and it can't be wrong.
  3. it's 120 watt, 12 inch celestion speaker & horn, normal and high input, switchable compressor, para mid bass and treble thingies, enhancer, DI(XLR) limiter, fx loop, horn is switchable, tunerout, and you can add an extension speaker. headphone out

    I think it's also possible to take the amp out of the combo
  4. give it a go.... Personally I dislike 12" speakers but give it a try. Don't expect too much from the extension speakers.

    Laney once built some good 150 watt head which are very cheap secondhand. Could be an alternative if you can find one.

    Other combo's in this class from Behringer and Hartke might be cheaper. But I don't know if they are better...
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    Feb 15, 2003
    ive played an RBW 120w and a 200w and i hated both of them
  6. I played a Squier Affinity, and I didn't like it...BUT an amp would be more important than the Squier Standard Pbass special(Which played better than the 900 Fender Aerodyne) I'd shop used, and see what I could find...that combo seems a little small to me, my first upgrade was a Hartke 3500 and an 18....I blew the 18, and I bought a pair of 15's, but because of size, I'm trading my FX for an older PV 15....Look used, you'll get set up good before long, for fairly cheap YMMV
  7. this is already a used amp, and 300 Euro is all I can afford now. Also, amps and bass gear is so much more expensive in Europe when compared to America, on top of that, the used market isn't nearly as good as in America too.

    And I want to know what I get before buying it.
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    Feb 15, 2003
    god tell me about it, it worse in ireland.
    If it was me, i really wouldnt buy the laney, its got alot of features etc but honestly the sound isnt as good as it could be, i was very very disappointed and even ambarresed that i own a laney myself 'hcm65b' If people judge laney on the quality of tRBW amps laney are going down.....
    I would hold out for now, see if you can mabye rent something of a friend or whatever for a gig, and save your money untill you can get a better set up. I wish i had done that......
  9. other options are ah behringer, but I haven't read good things about their reliability, and I wouldn't like going back to the music store... also there are some ibanez amps, which I like less than the laney, and lastly there are some vox t25 amps...which have only like 25 watt
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    Feb 15, 2003
    I said ths to someone a few days ago.
    Unless you are going to be playign a gig and absoutley NEED a bigger amp DO NOT go for teh laney, wait. Save your money and buy something that you will really appreciate. You'll go and spen 300 euro on a laney, play it for a week and then you'll want a new amp.
    From personal experiance as i said before that particular laney is utterly horrible, the sound i got out of it after 45 minutes of playing was a fart, and thst the best i could get from it i couldnt believe it cos i had just got new strings th day before and would expect a bit more than that.
    Dont get the laney.
    Your 10 watter should do you just fine for the time being :)
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    Oct 4, 2010
    The cab of this amp only handles 60watts. You need an extension cab for the remaining power. Otherwise, i like the tone and controls of mine.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    Nice resurrection of 18 year old thread!