Laney RBW300 Bass Combo amp $350

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  1. Laney RBW300 bass combo amp with 15" speaker. Tilt-back design, comes with padded cover, in mint condition! Extremely versatile combo, will drive an 8 ohm external cabinet, gets very loud, clean, clear! I need $$$$$ though, so here it is...

    We can negotiate shipping charges, I'll use a pack-n-ship firm to ensure safekeeping in transit!

    NO TRADES please, need $$$$$.....

    From the Laney site (

    The RBW300 features 165 watts RMS output into a specially designed HH 15" bass driver and a switchable horn. Equipped with an Active & Passive input for maximum flexibility the RBW200's pre amp is packed with features such as, channel gain, an onboard compressor, variable Enhance, three band EQ including a parametric Lo- mid and a Parametric Hi mid, Presence, switchable limiter, volume and HF in/out switch for the on board horn. There is also an XLR DI output for connecting to an external power amp/PA or recording device, a global FX loop a headphone socket and a tuner out facility. For maximum flexibility the RBW300 features a unique dual position carpet covered cabinet, which allows it to be used in a conventional position, or kicked back as a monitor. This amp is ideal for home use, rehearsal, or full-blown stage use.

    RBW300 specs:

    Output: 165 Watts RMS
    Speaker: 15" HH Driver & Horn
    Input: Active & Passive
    Gain: Yes
    Compressor: Yes
    Enhance: Yes
    Bass: Yes
    Para-Mid: Hi Mid & Lo Mid
    Treble: Yes
    Volume: Yes
    Di: Yes
    Limiter: Yes
    FX Loop: Yes
    Switchable Horn: Yes
    Tuner Out: Yes
    Dual Position: Yes
    Carpet Covered: Yes

    There's one right now in a local store, in worse condition than mine, with NO cover, for $619!!!!!!!

    mark s.
    colorado springs