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  1. emosms


    Dec 15, 2016
    Hi, I am looking for a practice combo - lets say 10'' speaker.
    I am going to be using it with a 5 string bass.

    Favourite up till now is Laney Ricther RB2
    (I can get it at lower price)

    Others in the same category:
    - https

    Both Warwick and Ampeg do not have the features of Laney, Ampeg does not even have a horn. But, something interesting here...
    Laney weights ~10 kilos, while Warwick and Ampeg are 15/16 kilos...
    Light weight is better in terms of handling, but what does it mean?
    - switching PSU vs Transformer PSU?
    - robust and durable speaker?

    I see Warwick and Ampeg are 40W vs 30W for the Laney. Still the weight difference is 50%.

    Since all the combos above do not have a limiter, I am concerned about the durability of the small 10'' speaker. Also wether it distorts.

    Cant find demo of RB2, but the Laney RB1 amp (8'') definatelly distorts :(

    Anyone owns Laney Richter RB2 (10'', 30 W, the blue panel with XLR out)?
    Could it delliver the bass with no distortion and is it robust?

    Is better to go with 12'', even for home practice?

    There is a cheaper Soundking AK 60 GB:
    - Soundking AK 60 GB - Muziker UK
    Feature rich Harley Benton:
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  2. emosms


    Dec 15, 2016
    p.s. Seems it does have some limiter :)

    Still, the manual warns about transient peaks when turning the equipment on and off..
    All the cables should be plugged in before the amp is turned on, the vol set to minimum at turn on.

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  3. I'd been looking at some of these earlier and have also seen the demo vid you linked. That distortion could very well be the from the mic that recorded sound for the video.

    Having tried a few similar I'd started leaning toward the EBS Classic 30 as it just sounded best to me. On paper it has less features (2-band EQ, 8" speaker) than the ones you listed but I suggest you give it a whirl.

    FWIW I ended up buying a Boss TU-88 tuner/metronome with aux in & headphone out for silent practice. I also bought a completely different combo (TC BG250-208) that I also wanted to use for playing out. I found it lacking but that's a different kettle of fish.
  4. emosms


    Dec 15, 2016
    Cant try any of the combos

    We have other equipment in the rehearsal room, I need the combo for home use. Ballanced out or some other line out is nice option - to use it eventually as stage monitor + inhouse PA. Or home recording.
    I also have a small mixing console + DI box.
    It is perfectly ok for silent practice, but going through a speaker is a different thing.

    P.s. I heard that the new Laney stuff is chinese made(of course) and does not have the best components/ build quality. Is that true?
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  5. Check this quite recent thread as well on the same topic
  6. emosms


    Dec 15, 2016
    ^Man, they go all over through the available small combos. I am more confused than in the begining :D.

    P.s. Is USA 'based'?
    I saw some general Laney thread.
    As I got it from the comments, Laney is not known in the USA. Ppl either never heard abt it or do not trust it.

    MBY I should ask in a forum with more UK users?
  7. Yep, TB is mostly US folks. I'm not even sure where Laney is used most for bass. I've seen plenty of guitarists use it, but no bassists. Then again, I don't interface with that many musicians. A UK forum may be a good bet if you think Laney sees more use for bass there.
  8. abarson


    Nov 6, 2003
    Santa Cruz is the European sibling of TB, and there appears to be a lot more discussion regarding Laney there.