Large cabs becoming an issue

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  1. Right now I'm using a Gallien Krueger SBX 410/115 stack. Each cab is 400 watts at 8 ohms. Puts out a lot of sound. I'm liking my tone (hifi and punchy) and I can't see why I would want to replace them except...

    IT SUCKS LUGGING THEM AROUND. They barely fit in the back seat of my car and the combined weight is 148 lbs. So I'm looking for something a little easier to handle. I still really need a lot of volume though. I like the hifi punch of the GK stuff, but wouldn't be opposed to shifting brands such as SWR or Eden. The issue really isn't weight as it is the size of these boxes. Obviously a lighter cab isn't a bad thing.

    Here are a few ideas I've had:

    -SWR Goliath Jr. and Son of Bertha > 750 total watts from a nice 210 and compact 115

    -SWR Goliath 410 > Pretty hefty, but it's got a total of 800 watts and I'd only have to drag one of these beasts around

    -Mesa Powerhouse 210/115 stack > Even more watts than the SWR stack, but a little bigger and heavier

    -Mesa Powerhouse 410 > Largest single cab, and less watts than the SWR. I heard these are pretty beastly though

    -Gallien Krueger Neo 210/115 stack > 80 lbs., 800 watts, but I would have to buy this one new being that only the update 115 is a compact box so probably the most expensive

    -Gallien Krueger Neo 410 > Lightest of the 410's, but I'm not sure if those neo's have the same "oomph" and ceramics. Also 800 watts

    -Eden 410XST > Also a huge cab, but 1000 watts is very promising

    -Eden 410XLT > Less watts, also bigger than the XST, but has more porting for lower lows

    The only 210/115 stacks I considered were consisting of a very compact 115 box, not like the GK 115 I have now. I'm buying used so I'm counting the boutique boxes out considering that they're pretty hard to come by and still expensive used. Out of these options, what's the loudest?

    Sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance for the help.
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    How about a WTX-500 (4.3 pounds) and a D410XST Neo (75 pounds). A young stud like you should be able to heft that. I'm over 60 and still lug a DB750 and a GS410 to gigs. You have to make sacrifices to get great tone.
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    get a dolly.
  4. Seems like a very good idea. I'm going to keep my peavey tour 700 head though. How loud would the eden be compared to the other options above? Loudness in reasonable sizes is the question at hand.
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    I'll start out by saying I'm 52, been playing bass since high school, have lugged heavier gear than you for many years, and my back is still in perfect condition. The only reason IMO to buy different gear is dissatisfaction in how the rig performs. In your case, there is nothing wrong with what you have. I have learned that a two wheel dolly and a pickup truck are much better investments than trying to buy a rig that will reproduce low F# @120dB, weigh 10 pounds, and fit in the trunk of a smart car. (it ain't possible..)
  6. step one: get a dolly or casters
    step two: learn the proper way to lift
    step three: go to the gym, do some squats and strengthen your back.

    you'd be surprised how much easier it is to lift things when you do it properly.

    I'm 21 and I work on a shipping dock, picking up heavier things all day and I'm not a large person.
  7. I think I phrased my question poorly. Weight really isn't the issue here, it's total cubic feet of the boxes. Two large 410 sized boxes simply won't work for me considering my circumstances. I don't mind lifting heavy weights, I just need something physically smaller. Also, reproducing the fundamental lows is not high on the list of priorities. Mids and highs is where I live.
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    Downsize and get a powerful combo with a line out. I can't imagine any gig where you would need that setup, unless you were playing a monster hall with no pa system.
  9. Try these

    I like the Rock and Roller type carts. I was able to haul 20 Dell PC's at one time on one of these carts while rebuilding three computer labs this summer. Get one with pneumatic tires. It helps smooth out the bumps.
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    You say you like the tone? Keep them. I have two 410's, and if i take my car (honda accord) I can fit one in the back seat. If I get picked up by my guitarist, I can fit both in his SUV. Or I might go to my dad's and borrow his pickup for the night.

    To those that have posted, remember he's asking about size, not weight.

    And to the OP, you might want to reconsider changing the title as it does create much confusion.
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    If you want smaller yet powerful, you should check out those cabs with the high xmax woofer combined with a mid driver. It's shocking how much air they can move and how light they can be since they all use neos. I'm seriously considering a move to them...not because they're small, but because they're way more massive sounding than traditional designs of the same size.
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    Bergantino IP series .... 'nuff said.
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    I had to ditch my 4x10 cab when I got a Corolla, so I just went to a pair of 2x10's in the same model - SWR Workingman's series which isn't superior, but works great for me. I'm convinced that my sound is better, I love being able to do different setups (alignments) with my cabs, and I absolutely don't mind the extra trip for load-in.

    Apparently there's a risk of phasing issues when we run two different cabs together as in a 2x10/1x15 pairing, etc., but no worries in this case and my amp gets to push a 4 ohm load now instead of 8. This layout is nice and punchy for me and I typically play live with a little cutting of my low freq's on my preamp's eq (plenty of bottom). My #1 bass is a passive Jazz and I usually run my cabs with the tweeters switched off. With a very healthy power amp on hand, this rig absolutely delivers for me and my wee-mobile handles it fine.
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    Check this out - sounds like it'd be right up your alley:
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    +1 best answer and solution.
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    Sorry to say, but I never understood why people don't buy a vehicle to fit their lifestyle and/or hobbies. My guitarist is this same way, he keeps buying the smallest cars and can't fit his gear in it, and expects either me or the singer (pickup truck owners) to haul his stuff around. I've always had a truck since I was 16. And get a dolly or casters, there's no reason to have to carry anything around.
  17. I'm not trying to rip on everyone's suggestions, I'm really trying to not be "that guy." But I'm not gonna sell the car that my parents were nice enough to buy for me. I do realize that in a perfect world a large van or truck is preferable but I can't afford to buy another vehicle, or insult my parents extremely generous gift. Also, the dolly idea is a good one no doubt, but stairs are plentiful amongst the practice spaces and shows I play in. The main practice space for my band is two very narrow flights up. You guys are giving good suggestions, but are unfortunately not possible for me. Please just go off of the options above, or similar choices.

    I did find a pretty good price on a mint condition 4 ohm Goligh 410. I feel like that this would do the trick, being that my 8 ohm (and only 400 watts, instead of the golight's 800) GK 410 almost cuts it.
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    Beyond DIY cabs, what are some ready-made examples which are worth considering?
  19. Buy it. I have one, it kicks @$$. Not that you care, but it's light too.....;)
    If you like 4x10's for the punch they deliver, you will be disappointed with anything less; this is well documented here.
  20. The one thing I'm worried about is it being underpowered. I've read things about SWR being much quieter than their power ratings...I do love me some 410's and only 56 lbs. is quite promising...