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    Dec 12, 1999
    I've seen Larry B. in a couple of clinics around town here. IMO, he is outta the same school of fellow Baltimore-ite, Dennis Chambers.

    1st time it was with Carl Filipiak(guitarist, reminded me of Mike Stern) & Gary Grainger.
    Bright was 15 minutes late for the clinic...he comes into the store with a Whopper & drink + a dumbfounded look as about 100 pairs of eyes are on him. Bright said, "...I know what you're thinking; here's a drummer that can't even tell time".
    The 2nd time iit was with Frank Gambale, Tom Coster, & Victor Wooten; Rudi Wooten & Keith Horne sat-in during "Footprints".

    Anyway, Larry Bright is very cool...I picked up 2 of his cds after those clinics.

    Someone at one the clinics asked Larry how much time does he spend workin' out his foot...IIRC, Bright said "8 hours".