Last Nights GIG

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  1. we played our first gig last night, just a 30min set, well anyway, it went well but just after Wild honey Pie we jumped into Out in la (including the bass solo) and u could have pogo sticked on the grove it was so strong, it was amazing!
    just thought i would tell you..
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    Mar 18, 2000
    Well, tell us, then. Details? Location? Bass Humor and Gig Stories.

  3. it was at a dingy hole in belfast called giros, it went well, we got £15 each for a 30 min set. we arent your usal rock covers band, we all like funk/soul/rock etc
    we played green day to geri halliwell to culture club to george micheal to marilyn manson and the chilis, ist was fun!