SOLD Last of the Unobtainium Amps: Read Purity Tube Preamp!!

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    Happy new year! All SOLD!! :hyper:

    Fellow TBers - the War Department is so thrilled with the recent outflow of basses that she has "suggested" that some rarely-used amps go too. Yes, dear. :thumbsup:

    Kustom KXB500 - SOLD! - yes, THAT amp - the one that inspired a legendary TB thread: NAD: The BEST Amp I've Ever Heard!! Kustom KXB500. Great little class D 300/500-watter with a headphone out, DI out, and legendary tone. This one ships in the original box with manual, rack ears and screws! (Never racked.) The AC power cable is missing, but those are generic. Just now plugged it in momentarily and it sounds healthy. Never actually used this one. Looks like new old stock. It's yours for $350 + $25 shipping CONUS! Local cash deal in the L.A. area, even better, I'll knock off $25 ($325).

    Tech 21 Landmark 300 (LM-300) - SOLD!! - this is a bit of a lead sled at 23 pounds in its built-like-a-tank steel housing, but ohhhh, what oomph. USA-built amp that incorporates BOTH an RBI and an RPM preamp. The analog power amp section is rated at 300 watts, but it is so loud it could summon law enforcement. And - included is the unobtainium Tech 21 pedal that lets you toggle between the two preamp sections on the fly OR use both simultaneously! Serviced a few years back by my amp shop for a minor input jack issue, and then tucked away. Replaced now in my practice studio by a Glockenklang and a Bergantino. This is not a portable amp. It should live at your practice space, or at a venue such as a church or club. Foot pedal and manual included. (Never racked.) AC power cable is missing. Speaker outs are good old 1/4" - not Speakon. Ships in the original box. A few little scratches on the sides from handling, but the faceplate looks pristine to me. Yours for $500 plus $50 shipping CONUS. Local cash deal $50 less ($450).

    Read Purity Bass Preamplifier - SOLD - the piece de resistance. This rare, all-tube, hand-built preamp is just a brilliant piece of engineering. Jack Read is an electrical engineer and bassist; also a TB member (@4stringsjack) but he no longer builds amps or basses. Designed to be racked. The two tubes can breathe through the rear panel, so extra clearance for cooling does not seem to be required. Such versatile tone shaping! It has deep switch, bright switch, tone bypass, emphasis, and 4 band EQ. Also line out, balanced DI out, effects loop, ground lift, you name it. I just plugged it in and verified it sounds as rich and wonderful as I remembered. It is missing one screw on the bottom (see pic), which does not seem to bother it any. It DOES have the AC cable! I have some other nice tube toys, so this beautiful beast gets a new home. Very industrial appearance. Very chi-chi tone!! Yours for $750 plus $50 shipping CONUS. I will double-box this one for safe shipping. Local cash deal $50 less ($700).

    Prices are fair and firm, intended to promote quick sale. PayPal or Zelle OK. Thanks for looking! :bassist:

    The pics:

    Kustom KXB500 - SOLD

    Tech 21 Landmark 300 (LM-300) - SOLD

    Jack Read Purity Bass Preamplifier - SOLD


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    The Landmark 300 is a great amp, and the secret sauce is having the pedal to combine both channels.
    Good luck on all your sales!
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    I too have a LM-300, since about 2006. It does in fact live at my rehearsal space along with the matching 410 cab and smaller foot switch for mixing channels.

    It is by far the most tube sounding SS head I have ever owned and most likely will never part with it. If someone wants an all tube sound without the all tube price this is the amp.
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    Pm sent!
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