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Laswell's auto wah or envelope filter

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by tightbidness, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. On the live Tabla Beat Science album Bill Laswell gets an increible, growly auto wah sound. Does anyone know what pedal he's using or have a pedal that can cop that sound? The effect is a distinct wah, rather than the subharmonic thing where the filter doesn't open.
  2. Laswell has used a Guyatone WR-2 for a while; I believe his has been modded for extra low end.

    Nice avatar, by the way. I love Tortoise and am getting antsy for the new album.
  3. Ah, yeah, I read the 'Fork every morning.
  4. JES

    JES Supporting Member

    another possibility is that Lasswell's using the DOD FX-25B (green) pedal. Not a great one for stepping on ducks, but if you set it so the filter won't open, oooo. Read all about it in the Lasswell chat at innerviews.org


  5. What a great site! Thank you, Jess. I actually got on the Web this afternoon to look for info. about Karsh Kale. . .
  6. Not the "B" model, it sux. Go for the older green ones. Much, much has been said in this section about dub and the DOD...do a search for mucho-info.
  7. Mad Subwoofer, is there a difference between the FX25 in the plain green box with black lettering and the metallic version like in your avatar? Is one version more dub worthy than the other?
  8. Apparently...I did compare the two and was happiest with my mettalic one; not for any paticular reason, just that I was more familiar with it's response. Maybe no diff? I dunno...sorry? I do know somne dub cats pine away for the 440 but who knows...mine does just fine. Real fine. Lotsa dub, Wobble and Laswell info if you poke around here; http://archive.bassplayer.com/
  9. Thank you. I had a rather uninspiring experience with the FX25B and consequently dismissied the original as well. Looks like I might have to see why dub and reggae bassists use the FX25. A recent article about Doug Wimbish mentioned that he uses one as well.

    By the way Mad Subwoofer, the Pacific Frontal System music is incredible and inspiring. I'm relatively new to dub, but it's hitting me hard (not to sound too melodramatic).
  10. JES

    JES Supporting Member

    Hi Folks,

    Due respect to Mad Subwoofer -- I dig his (your) music too.

    But I've actually had great success with the FX-25b when set so that the filter doesn't open. I get a huge, bowel-shaking bottom end. I don't have any recordings with it "straight" (ie, no other fx) up online, but it is present on the track "Warning" at http://lo-boy.net . Note that it's unmastered, so if you don't have a sub or some low end on your computer speakers, you won't really hear it.

    That said, when I can track down an fx-25, I'll give it a shot.

  11. Nice playing, Jes. Is that the 25B during the main line of Warning? What did you use to get the envelope effects when the toms kick in?
  12. JES

    JES Supporting Member

    Alright, it's a bit of a lengthy signal chain. I'm playing a modulus bassstar (my main bass) through the fx-25b, which is indeed the only envelope follower in the whole song. After that, it's a Rocktron Replifex set to a flange that I really like (or I might have done a Waves metaflanger on it after the fact -- I can't remember!) and then through a lowly ART levelar limiter and into a MOTU 2408 in digital Performer on a Mac. In the mix, I probably added some more compression to tame the filter, which gets real squelchy when it opens. Also, the second verse has a tiny bit of ring modulator to make it a little more evil.

    Anyway, I'm really glad you liked the track. "Heaven's Blindness" has some slightly seasick phasing on it, as long as we're talking effects.


  13. Thanks muchly for the feedback, generous of y'all. Those tracks were recorded live from the floor with myself being the only "stringed" instrument in the trio. I use my Mutron III's "HP" setting to cop a guitar-like tone and sample either that or the main riff at times, filling out the band. You can hear my DOD on "Transonic" and about halfway through "Struggle." I used the DOD's massive vibe as well as my Korg G5 for most of the subterranean type tones.
    Best dub tone EVER(my personal fav at least,) has got to be the combo of my DOD FX25 along with my DBX subharmonic synthesiser.....words fail.
    Rest of my set-up has been well documented around these parts a fair bit so I won't bore anyone again.
    Dub for me was a natural progression from the over-the-top melodrama of such hard-hitting, to the point styles like Black Flag, Sabbath, The MElvins...etc. Dub taps into that pulse and was allot trickier to nail feel-wise than I thought. You too can be a dub master! Check it out;


    Oh yeah.

  14. Thanks fellas. I bought a metallic FX25 on eBay last night, so we'll see how it works out.

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