TRADED Late 60's Baldwin 706V--BEAUTIFUL!!!

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  1. beakertwang

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    Aug 8, 2016
    SE Iowa
    Price drop to $700 shipped.

    Would be glad to trade, but I can't add much cash right now.
    -5-string bass
    -Reverend guitar or bass
    -Something Gretsch-y
    -Try me?

    Fun guitar, and a cool addition to your collection.

    Amazingly good condition for a nearly-50-year-old instrument. No cracks or finish checking, no major scratches or marks. All the electronics work. Comes with a recent HSC.

    I tried to capture any notable issues in the pics: Light play wear, a couple small indents on the back. Discoloration under the neck joint. Frets are in good shape. Small finish crack 1/2" on neck by joint. I just had the neck adjusted, the frets leveled, and a new input jack put on it.

    All the pics here:
    1967 Baldwin 706V by Andrew_Even