SOLD Late 80s, Early 90s Schaller BMF, 70s Fender Style Tuning Machines - Tuners

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    Jan 6, 2004
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    Vintage, Made In Germany, Schaller 70s Fender Style Electric Bass Tuning Machines / Tuners. These are designed to fit the Fender - 75 Reissue, 72 Reissue, Geddy Lee, Original 70s Jazz and Precision Basses from 1970 - 1980 and, MIJ 75’ Reissue Jazz Bass and pretty much, any current 70s Signature Model P Basses - Roger Waters, Steve Harris, Tony Franklin etc..

    I just took them off my 75 Jazz and put on a newer, nickel Schaller set. They have a better tuning ratio than Fender machines of this same era. Think quicker tuning like a HipShot tuner. These older versions are more MADE!! They are more dense and feel like the old late 60s thru Early 80s Fender tuners. Thick, rich chrome over nickel. The newer versions I have on my bass, are not as rich feeling as these are. Just changing for aesthetic reasons.

    The machines are in great condition and the chrome is true to color but they do have a few usage marks, swirls, light scratches. No bends or pitting. Comes with screws and ferrules. NOTE: The E string ferrule has a few more scratches, markings from manipulation of the Drop D Tuner. I did have the original box. It was tattered and flattened, so my wife, mistakenly, put it in the recycling bin last week :-(

    They will be shipped to the door of your Lower 48 Continental state door via USPS Priority Mail, after I receive your PayPal payment.


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