Latest addition to my family [Warwick inside]

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  1. Firstly - a massive thank you to Dan from American Boutique Guitar shop. He was a pleasure to deal with (although his accent was really strong when I rang him [I'm an aussie :)] and knew how to really wrap + ship a bass.

    Behold, the newest member to my family - a Warwick Thumb BO6 (pictured next to it's 'little' brother):

    It plays (and sounds) fantastic - sounds much darker than my FNA Jazzman. The extra string is taking a little getting used to though, and I've ressurected all my old Dream Theatre covers (I have to relearn them 'properly' on a 6er now). :D

    Loving it... :hyper:
  2. Thats a beast!

    Awesome rig..

    How much was it? If you don't mind me asking.

    Have fun :)
  3. Baryonyx

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    Jul 11, 2005
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    Oh wow man, those are two very cool basses! I've long lusted after a Thumb BO 6'er myself, I hope you enjoy it and put it to good use!
  4. Keeaumoku


    Dec 29, 2004
    Nice stuff, mate!

    I, too, am a proud owner of a Warwick... 1999 Thumb-5 NT. I found this gem in one of Oahu's music stores last August. It was/is in excellent condition, and I 'stole' it for $1300US... :hyper:
  5. Thanks guys :cool:

    For Alistair R - Total (including shipping + customs blah) was AUS$2019. The bass was 2nd hand (but in pristine condition) and had a pricetag of US$1200.

    The best I was quoted here in Brisbane was ~AUS$3800 so I definately saved a packet. Total transit time was 8 days. After this (fantastic) experience, I'm wondering if it's ever worth purchasing any 'big-ticket' musical gear from here in Australia at all...

    /aside - does Warwick have any facility where I can type in my serial # & see the date of 'conception'? :)
  6. Nice deal.

    I suggest you check out the Bass centre in Melbourne for your bass gear. They will give you seriously low prices and they have service that is unparalleled.

    You got a good price on that baby, none the less! :hyper:
  7. goloa


    Apr 22, 2005
    Great bass! growly :D is it all wenge neck ?
    the year of 'conception' is carved in the back of the head by the serial #
  8. Looks to me like body + neck is ovangol with a wenge fretboard. Year of conception is the same as my FNA - '03 :)
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    Apr 17, 2005
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    Beautiful setup you got there. Always had a soft spot for Thumb BO 6ers.
  10. Ryan L.

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    Very nice. You have a killer setup all around there.:)

    As to the date, I would suggest checking the Warwick site and emailing them with the serial number of your bass, and I am sure someone will give you the info you are looking for on it.
  11. Nice basses!!
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