SOLD Lava High-End Ultramafic Mini Cable (7ft of cable, 10 Solder-Free Plugs, 6 ready made patch cables)

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    I am selling off some Lava High-End Ultramafic mini cable, Right angle plugs, and 6 ready made patch cables. This is the Lava cable made with silver and is great quality. You will get 10 right angle plugs, 7 Feet of Lava Ultramafic mini cable, 6 ready made patch cables, and 2 stripping tools. Looking for $100 shipped for the whole package, not really looking to sell off individual plugs or cable seperately. Will consider best offer.


    What You'll Get in this Package
    • 7' Mini Ultramafic Cable
    • 10 Un-Opened Solder-Free Right Angle Plugs
    • 6 Already made patch cables (all about 4"- 5" in length)
    • 23 pF/ft low capacitance
    • 4% silver solder to maximize signal flow
    • 99.99% OFHC pure silver plated copper low strand count 18 AWG conductor
    • 2 Stripping Tools

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