SOLD Lava Ultramafic Flex 15 foot cable (1/4"-1/4") - Brand New, Only $59 shipped!

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    Sep 10, 2012
    $59 ship'd
    Lava's new top-of-the line instrument cable: the Ultramafic Flex! Brand new and only used at home studio. 15-feet long, 1/4 inch plugs on both ends.

    "The Ultramafic Flex is Lava Cable’s newest high end cable and a more flexible version of our Ultramafic Cable. It is a low capacitance cable featuring two low strand count 20 gauge sliver plated copper conductors, triple shielding and a 98% braided shield. The Ultramafic Flex provides superior noise and RF rejection. Each cable comes standard with Neutrik X-Series plugs to include a silent plug. This cable provides excellent frequency response and excels particularly for gain tones. The raw cable is made in the USA and assembly is done at our facility in Owasso, OK."

    First $59 gets it. Shipping included. Street price for a new one would be $83.95. Here's your chance to save $25. PayPal preferred.

    Lava Ultramafic Flex 15.jpg
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