LDS 1x8 for doubling?

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    Dec 4, 2002
    Tried my LDS 1x8 3way with a Clarus SL head for bass guitar last night. The BG was a Steinberger XQ25A 5 string. The band was an original rock outfit with 2 guitars, bass, drums. It was a practice session in a small club sized room with a PA for voice only. I set up the 1x8 in a corner on the floor to get more bass out of it.

    The result? Fantastic. It ran effortlessly all night and got the low 'B' right. There was plenty of gain and no strain. Granted, I didn't slap the low strings or clip the amp. I was listening for any distortions to be safe. Never heard a problem at all. Just super clean "studio-recorded" kind of quality sound, not bright or shrill, everywhere up and down the neck. I usually use the LDS 3x8 with a WW Ultra in this situation, but I got lazy and wanted to try the mini-rig. I'm sure if I had the 3x8, if would have sounded bigger and deeper. But the 1x8 easily did the job. I don't know how, but it was a wonderful sounding rig.

    Note 1: Don probably didn't recommend the 1x8 for a 5 string or rock band use.

    Note 2: I find that DB's are much more picky on amps...but since the LDS 1x8 is already a winner on DB, this was pure gravy...
  2. I played a few notes on my slab through my Focus/LDS 1x8 while killing time before a gig once. The tone was amazing, I just didn't want to risk hurting my 1x8 playing at the volume usually required for that gig. I'll bet the Raven Labs blender helped, but the sound was buttery smooth, warm, fat, and clean.

    I'm thinkin' an LDS 2x8 might be in order. Mac, or others, can you comment on how your 2x8s hold up for doubling?
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    Dec 4, 2002
    In comparison to the 1x8, the 2x8 seems a little less bright and therefore, more appealing for DB. It's the best DB cab I've tried of and short of rock concerts, the best BG cab I've played through. I'm referring to the 3 way. Of course, I prefer accuracy over anything...
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    Nice to hear that this is working out well for you in both roles!

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    Mar 27, 2005
    I think the 2x8 sounds great for anything you can throw at it. My results with electric have been fabulous... it just sounds very relaxed, like nothing is being strained to produce the sound. Tough to explain.