LDS Cab Build For Ampeg V4B (+ SVT)

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  1. bludog


    Apr 3, 2012
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    I'm about to start a build with Don at LDS and have most of the specs I want to proceed with but there is one sticking point for me that I thought I should ask around about. Here is just a little background:

    I'm building these 2 cabs for my '76 V4B so they are V4B width and 70's Vintage Ampeg aesthetics. Going with Faital 15PR400's based on a lot of research I've already done (tough choice!). I want to be able to run just 1 cab or both cabs depending on the situation. Because of the switchable 2/4/8 ohm tap, the V4B provides enough options that either the 4 ohm or 8 ohm version will work just fine, but here's the kicker...

    What if I want to do the same thing with an SVT down the road? I don't currently own an SVT but I can definitely see myself getting one at some point in my future. Most guys like the 810 (or 2) for an SVT but why not have the choice of using this cab setup (single or double)? Surely I would want to start there and then could always switch over to a 10's setup should I desire. This leads me to think I should go with the 4 ohm drivers so that I could run 1 cab at 4 ohms or both at 2 ohms.

    I know, it sounds like based on ^this I already made up my mind. BUT Don was saying that I might want to go with 8 ohm as it makes it more versatile for most other heads and would therefore widen the market should I ever want to sell them.

    I'm still leaning towards the 4 ohm as I don't WANT to sell my custom cabs. I guess I'm just apprehensive because you never know.

    Any thoughts on this impedance dilemma? 4 ohm or 8 ohm? Is the market for V4B cabs large enough that I shouldn't worry AT ALL about potential resale value? Those new V4B VR's are coming out soon after all and I'd ideally like to keep these suckers for the long haul anyway. Appreciate the feedback TB...
  2. hennessybass

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    Oct 11, 2008
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    I think since you are making them V4b width, and using 70s Ampeg aesthetics, I wouldn't worry too much about resale. True, most modern amps would make sense with two 8 ohm cabs, but if you re-sell, it will most likley be to someone looking for cabs for their vintage V4B or SVT.

    If you do two 4 ohm cabs, then you can use one or both with an SVT no problem. For the V4B, you could use one 4 ohm cab,,, and then have a series cable for when you want to use both speakers. That should put both speakers at 8 ohms.

    You have to have a special speaker cable that you don't want to mix up with your regular speaker cables, but that's easy to solve.

    I think this leaves you the most options if you are really going to have a V4B and an SVT.

    I bet the new V4B VR will have 8 and 4 ohm taps, so you could still use your new LDS speakers.
  3. denton57

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    Nov 1, 2005
    Hi Bludog. As you know, I had Don build me a V4B width single 15 in 70's Ampeg cosmetics. I used a 3015 non LF speaker, but it was top notch quality.

    In your case, I'd order two 4 ohm cabs. That way, you can use one or two cabs with the V4B or SVT with no issues. The V4B has a 2ohm tap as you know. That would cover everything!

    Or you could get 4 8ohm cabs and run all 4 cabs with either head :)
  4. hennessybass

    hennessybass Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2008
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    I thought the V4B was 4, 8, 16... If it's actually 2, 4, 8, I think there is no question that you should get two 4 ohm cabs.
  5. jmpiwonka

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    Jun 11, 2002
    v4b is 2,4 and 8ohm.

    svt is only 2 or 4 ohm.

    you want to 4 ohm cabs for sure
  6. bludog


    Apr 3, 2012
    Brooklyn 11217
    Great... thanks for the feedback everybody!

    I already know what each amp will do in terms of taps, so it's not so much a question of what driver to spec in to accommodate this hypothetical setup. It's more that I want to know if you think I'm shooting myself in the foot by opting to go this 4 ohm route. That said, I think you've all reinforced my thinking that if I ever need to sell these there should be plenty of people out there who want a V4B/SVT compatible 2 cab setup with vintage 70's styling.

    Thanks again! Any other opinions, feel free to jump in...
  7. bludog


    Apr 3, 2012
    Brooklyn 11217
    While I've got this thread going anyone have any advice on the ideal volume of these cabs (cu. ft.)?

    Don and I have the dims at 20 H x 26 5/8 W x 16 D inches*. With the width being the exact width of my V4B. The 20" height is a little odd in terms of looks but it keeps them small and easy to carry (less than 40lbs). I am a total dummy when it comes to the tech specs of drivers (reminder: using Faital 15PR400's) so any insight is much appreciated. Any custom cab builders/driver experts out there want to help a guy out?

    *These dims were recommended by Don but, as it's been pointed out before, he is not an expert on this. Instead he mostly uses his own real world experience versus running the numbers through software.
  8. I can't help with the size determination of the cab... But can say that the Aguilar cabs are sized in the way you described. They are wider than the are tall.. So it will have a similar size relation if you feel they look weird..

    My gs112's are 14"H x 19.25"W x 18.25"D....