No longer available Le Fay Pangton 5 - Rare LeFay with Premium Upgrades - AS NEW!

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    Le Fay Pangton 5 - I'm the sole owner from new and she remains in immaculate condition. It’s very rare to see a Le Fay offered for sale and with good reason. They tend to be keepers and you’ll only want to add others; I don't know of anyone that stopped at just one after owning their first example. One of the most tonally versatile bass I've ever owned - flat out amazing! The sound and ergonomics are unparalleled - I’m a huge fan! The evenness and presentation of notes rivals the best carbon neck instruments - string to string balance, punch and sustain are unreal. In addition to a traditional JB sound, it can also cop very convincing Music Man and Ken Smith tones due to the pickup placement and 6-way rotary switch; P-Bass? No problem! This bass is ready to travel the world as it fits into overhead airplane bins with ease.

    • Solid Ash body
    • Jet Blue Grey with sealed-pore satin finish*
    • Padauk carbon reinforced set neck w/ magnetic truss rod cover access
    • Ebony fingerboard*
    • Mother-of-Pearl position markers
    • 24-fret with "premium" stainless steel frets
    • B-Bow*
    • 3 Single-coil pickup system
    • Volume with active/passive switch push/pull
    • 6-position rotary switch - varies combinations of parallel, single coil, series operation
    • Active Bass & Treble Controls, boost only
    • Passive Tone (operates in both Active and Passive modes)
    • Le Fay proprietary hardware, electronics and pickups.
    • 1.75 nut width
    • 19mm spacing
    • 34” scale
    • 9lbs 4oz

    Price one out, add in options*, factor exchange rate, shipping/import fees and build time (ouch). This bass built new would land in excess of $7000. Instant gratification at $4800 Shipped/Insured within the lower 48. Low-ball offers will be kindly ignored. NO TRADES, thank you. Please PM with any inquiries. Willing to meet for a local deal. Paypal ok.

    I've provided a studio photo from Le Fay and a link to the build sheet for reference; please note price is in Euro and does not factor aforementioned landed delivery costs. Additional photos coming.

    Detailed Build Sheet for this LeFay Pangton 5

    84432CDD-5C00-40D4-9E0C-2821FA141FF1.jpeg C65BCC3A-DEC4-44F2-B2F7-8694B9933CC8.jpeg 6DC36E8A-D61F-4F4F-A46E-7FD3EE23A11B.jpeg 70530ED1-32D3-4CF1-9B96-F311838EAE78.jpeg C045ABBB-C432-49E0-9077-A6E303E359A9.jpeg D2FA8426-891E-470C-9E94-5DDEBFADBB77.jpeg ECAD0413-33BF-4161-90B8-F7A76612177B.jpeg 1D34E4CB-ED52-4334-9E39-465B69EC2F0B.jpeg 8EBA5AFB-DCC4-48C3-97CE-555423BDDA26.jpeg

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    You have the most desirable basses on Tb! I’ve owned 1 Le Fey and it killed! I apologize for derailing your post... I wanted to ask you your thoughts on the B-now which I saw you opted for. Please feel free to pm me I’d your not comfortable responding on your post. Best of luck! This pangton is gorgeous!!!
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    Mar 1, 2010
    Thank you all around! You're always welcome to PM me if the following doesn't suffice.

    Cliff Notes (for all) on the B-Bow option: It basically allows for the truss rod setting to have less compromise with regards to the adjustment of the B/E strings (slight bow/tension) vs the A/D/G (flat/more relief). So it further advances (the already superb) ergonomics, and is more of a "feel" thing. The Dobbratz brothers are always trying to one-up their work, and this furthers that effort by adjusting the instrument to the human (preferable), as opposed to the other way around.
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    Some of the best on the planet hands down!
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    Mar 1, 2010
    More photos added to original post.
    Last photo in my series most accurately depicts the color.
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    Feb 26, 2016
    Wow, that’s gorgeous... GLWTS!
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  8. Holy F...I’ve never been so smitten with the back of a bass in my life. Spectacular. GLWS.
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    NLA - Appreciate all of the interest.