Learning a lot from old songs

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  1. So, what music is challenging you to grow?
    There are two times when my playing ability/technique has taken a big leap forward. When I played in all original band and now as I am playing older music. One of the cover bands I am in has a set of Patsy Cline material and other songs from that time period. Just listening to the songs they are short and sound fairly simple. But figuring them out by ear has been challenging. They have sort of a jazz groove and use a lot of flats and sharps. And usually modulate up a half step towards the end of the song. It has been fun figuring these out and my walk up and walk down runs have gotten much better:) Oh, just to give you an idea of the material this band does we also do The Lemmon Song by Zeppelin and Bad Fish by Sublime. Not for the same gig as the Patsy Cline songs, but this group is keeping me interested!
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  2. Learned a lot from a New Years gig, lots of Motown/ old dance stuff and a couple of swing country songs. Lots of notes that had to be played with the right feel. Excellent for me, being lazy and all..
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  3. There’s a lot to be learned by listening to, and figuring out the old stuff. That’s why some of the best musicians are us old guys that lived through those eras.
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    I’ve been listening to/trying to learn from more rhythm and blues stuff. My bass teacher keeps giving me jazz stuff, which I really am not a fan of, but I know it is helping me in other genres.
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    The stuff I find challenging is analyzing the new stuff and trying to create my own music by incorporating the old stuff that were key elements that made them great with the new methods and techniques for making music. And not having it sound like any one style of music. Although for some reason, the blues elements seem to surface all the time.
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