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    Sep 23, 2001
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    I play the bass for my church choir and I do OK learning the fast songs it doesnt take long to figure out were the chord changes and putting runs and fill ins are easy. My biggest problem is slow stuff some is easy but some has unperdictable key/chord changes. Sometimes I have to rely on the sheet music and I look at the guitar chords. I dont read music much at all. Are there any site that explain reading the bass note. I belive that this would help me learn some of the new stuff that I have problems with.
    Another thing that I would like to learn is what key a song is as refering to flats. I would ask the music director and pianoist what key a song is and they would say it is in 3 flats or what ever and they would have to convert it to the key. Any site on this also would be helpful. But the biggest time all I need is a key and I have no problem. Since Christmas is coming soon we are learning a lot of new music. Thanks

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