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Learning new vocab ?

Discussion in 'Ask Anthony Wellington [archive]' started by ML94, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. ML94


    Sep 11, 2013
    Hi Anthony,

    I'm getting stuck on a certain aspect of my playing. I can sit down and play melodies that I 'Think' of but when I am playing with a group or put into a soloing context I keep playing the same stuff I already know ! How do you go about soloing what is in your mind and forcing you to think music when playing and not relying on muscle memory to solo for you ?

    Thanks Again,
  2. It´s an interesting cuestion.

    It´s necessary expanding the owner musical vocabulary to find news ways to express your self. It´s a hard work. The fist advice is that it´s necessary knowing all the wide neck and their positions to stay " in tune" with you are playing while you do a solo. The muscle memory it works but if you don´t take care you can repeat your self all the time. So it´s necessary exploring and finding a owner lenguage, and creating new muscle memory too. Maybe a short phrases or melodies that identify with your self instead to be a clone of some bass player.

    When I do a bass solo I force my self and I try thinking in the music. A good idea it´s try conecting some bass phrases that I learned previously (studying in my home, trying in a jam,...) when another new melodies that I create in this moment. I get the inspiration of some ways like how I´m feeling the music in this moment, my own life or even in some new melody that I did in this time in this solo. I think that this is a good idea to give a continuity to your own melodies with another ones learned previously.

    And if I take a mistake I don´t care too much. The mistakes helped me a lot in my bass solos. And I learned too that sometimes it´s possible dressing some "mistakes" making it part of this solo (like a kind of joke) for after resolving right way ;)

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