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learnt some stuff dropped some money!!!

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by mike_odonovan, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. i feel like those guys trying to find WMDs ....

    i have recently come into some lightly used Spirocore Orchestras and some lightly used new Flexocors.

    Been changing em round and checking them out.

    originally my bass had helcore pizzicato strings on it that came with the bass.

    i have been getting a pretty good arco sound but it was a lot of hard coming - now i know why! the helicores are so so metal sounding!
    even the hybrids (my friend has them on his bass) that i tried are so so metal.

    back to my testing of the spiros and flexos

    absolutely loved the sound of the flexocor G and D strings ("thats the sound" i cried) but the E and A are really really flabby and **** with pizz. real shame but it would be too much of a compromise for a one bass man.

    onto the spiros

    obviously the spiros sounded good pizz. but i think it is a bit too common a pizz sound and my ears are looking for something a bit darker. the arco sound was quite good but a little bright i thought. still i don't know why everyone cusses they're arco scratchyness? they seemed quite unscratchy to me - but maybe that was because i had been breaking rocks in the hot sun with the helicore pizz :rolleyes:

    anyway suggestions for what i should try to match with the new flexicore G and D?

    or maybe a set of strings i could try that are like the flexos but with more power and definition on the E and A.

    nothing can match that flexocor G and D sound i heard today and the look on my face!!! :D
  2. oh and i talked to my teacher today and he said that Spirocore Orchestra strings were always an arco string it is just that jazzers fell in love with them and kind of took them over. he also said that on the continent ie. Germany etc. loads of orchestral guys still use the spiros.

    but he also said that orchestral types in england and north america tend to go for the flexocors more vocal like sound.

    this kind of made sense with what i heard today:

    Spiros : aggressive arco (need to be tamed!)
    Flexos : very light and vocal like

    you comments much appreciated

    ps. Franciois you should start up a string shop!
  3. ok maybe i need to change the record

    but i am stuck!

    suggestions from you guys???

    even the same ones again???!!!

  4. Change the record?
    What do you mean?
    You want to edit your post?
    Click the Edit button in the right bottom corner of the post window.
  5. no i mean i been postin about strings and what should i try quite a bit lately.

    thought was getting no reply because i was banging on about similar things
  6. Touch


    Aug 7, 2002
    Boulder, CO
    I REALLY like the Corelli 380 TX.

    Great bowed sound, fine sustain on pizz and soft on the fingers.

    I've been through Obligatos, Helicores, Spirocore and Jargars to name a few.

    I'm sticking with these...... at least for a while!