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  1. vishnu


    Oct 3, 2003
    Odie, cut it out. I'm trying to have conversations here, and I can see you removing my first one, but that last one was rediculous. I was trying to have some comments from people in a different demographic talk about the problems that I and many others have with inner conflict about religion and modern lifestyles. I am sure that there are many Christians that struggle with what to use and and what to ignore in the Bible. I was merely giving one small example of how many Muslims, like myself, have problems as well. Don't tell me I'm "mixing in religion." Its offensive to me, and I truly believe that you are trying to squash free speech about reasonable subjects.
  2. odie

    odie Supporting Member

    Ok I was Being cool about closing the threads, but you want to escalate it by questioning a Mod in public. OK fine I'm game.

    Number 1 rule that was broke. Keep it PG-13 That means no sex, violence, profanity. It has to be low key and not perverse.

    Number 2 rule You go ahead and start another sex thread, this time with animals as being the choice of fetish.

    Number 3 rule You decided to debate religious interpretation in a forum that is a closed to religious/political debate.

    Number 4 rule You question a Mod, that being me in public. You got a problem you PM me. You dont drag it out in public. Do you get in shouting matches in public places?? I hope not. Keep it private.

    You dont like it?? Then dont post in OT or TB. You want to talk religion etc get a paying membership and take it to the lounge. You got a problem with me?? Then let Paul know. Im sure he wouldnt be as tolerant. All other days I would have forward this to him myself. But I am sure he is busy with the new face lift at TB. I am also considering a possible culture clash. But that is enough!!

    END of discussion.

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