LED Lights??

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  1. Alright soooooo I finally got my new head (SVT 4 Pro), and its in a 6 space rack space with a furman rp-8, and a Korg DTR-1000, so currently I have a one space gap between the amp and the tuner, which is fine, I think the amp needs to "breathe" anyway. My question is where, what, and how do I go about installing some sort of LED lights that can go in the space, doesn't have to be on a cover, I could attach to the top of my head, but I want something that can plug into the furman outputs, so either a 2 or 3 prong power source?? is there something out there that puts out a color, or flashes colors, that doesn't have to plug into your car lighter????? Please help!
  2. American DJ makes a one-space LED VU meter that sells for about $60 new that has two rows of LEDS that will react to the level of your playing. The only issue is that you may not want to run it in your effects loop or in your actual signal chain because of the potential for tone suck. If you are running your tuner out of the tuner output on your head, you might be able to put the LEDs in between the amp and tuner with a couple of adaptors.
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    Mar 30, 2009
    about the cigarette lighter, i went to autozone, bought 2 sound responsive neon tubes, then went to best buy and bought a 6 amp AC/DC converter for under $20. works great.

    Try your local Spencer's, Radioshack, and other elctronic stores for strobes, tubes, and leds. or get the ones suggested above.

    Lastly, in a previous thread about someone wanting to fill up a rackspace, they were recommended a 1u color changing glowing tube.

    hope this helps some