SOLD Left Handed 1963/1964 Fender Precision Bass, Pre-CBS, EXC, 100% Original, Reduced!

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    This is a Fender factory left handed Precision Bass, with the neck dating to May 1963, very nice condition, all original except for a nice non-Fender hard case.

    The bass has been inspected and setup by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, who is the most qualified person in the world to check out a vintage bass. Scott has had an authorized Fender Repair center since 1979, has worked on hundreds of vintage Fender basses over the years, has a collection of vintage basses, and is also a tremendous professional bass player.

    The bass has some typical nicks and dings for an instrument over 50 years of age, with 1 small area between the covers worn to the wood, some worming on the back, and minor fret wear on the 1st three frets. The 3-color sunburst is vibrant, tortoise shell pickguard is crack-free, headstock logo is perfect, back of neck has very little wear, the fretboard is Dark Brazilian Rosewood with no gouges or grooves. All electronics and internal characteristics are perfect, with solder joints untouched.

    Date Codes:

    • Neck Plate: L41xxx
    • Neck Stamp: 5MAY63C
    • Pots: 304-6440

    The bass is perfectly set-up and sounds great with a rich tone. The neck is wide, flat, and comfortable. The neck is a “C” width at 1 ¾ at the nut, which is more comfortable to play than a comparable Jazz Bass with its “A” width of 1 1/2.

    This is a really nice example of a left handed Pre-CBS Fender bass – and the lefty basses are much harder to find than the guitars!

    Many more pics available upon request, including internals and electronics(20 max pics allowed per ad on this site).

    Was $10,500 Now $7,995

    20180427_142648.jpg 20180427_144159.jpg 20180427_144303.jpg 20180427_144328.jpg 20180427_144330.jpg 20180427_144335.jpg 20180427_144429.jpg 20180427_145838.jpg

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  2. Backwards Beauty! Love it!
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    Gorgeous! Would look great in the hands of a certain bass player from Liverpool!
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    Most definitely!