SOLD Left handed Duff mckagan bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by wolfkeller, Nov 12, 2019.

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    Again this is a lefty, left handed bass. The body is a late 80s Kramer 710st, the neck is a fender MIM (Mexican) jazz neck. It was professionally painted gloss black. The nut is a custom brass nut. The tuners are old school wilkinson. The pickups are from a mid 80s Fender Jazz bass special (what duff played) with large poles. The bridge is a fender. 2 volume, 3 way toggle, fender TBX tone control and ofcourse, duff sticker custom made. Strung with rotosouund rs66 strings. Plays and sounds great.
    I used this in a gnr tribute band. I will consider a trade for a Fender P bass, preferably a PJ. For any questions , 5865531400

    20191112_183211.jpg 20191112_183228.jpg 20191112_183217.jpg 20191112_183246.jpg 20191112_183241.jpg 20191112_183251.jpg
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