Left signal only on pc recording

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  1. Hello Fellow Home recorders,

    I've figured out how to get some good signals in through my soundcard (using a Boss EQ as a pre-amp) But I'm only getting a signal into the left channel. This happens both when I record and also just when I'm playing through the speakers.

    Anyone know how to split the signal so that I get both channels?


  2. Josh Ryan

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    Mar 24, 2001
    I think it's because you are putting a mono signal, the Boss, into a stereo input. What soundcard do you have? Maybe somebody like Radio Snack has a quarter inch mono to stereo eight adapter? Good luck. This may also be a function of what you are using to record. the older versions of cakewalk, for example, start you off recording to the left track only.
  3. I'm using a Soundblaster live mp3 card. even if i only run the 1/4 to 1/8 plug from guitar into the soundcard (without the pedal) i only get the one signal. and it's an issue with other recording software such as Internet Tape Deck, and wav editors.

    I supose the guitar alone is a mono-signal so I'll experiment with a stereo signal

  4. Ok,

    I ran a cd player through the line in and it was in stereo so it must just be the mono source. I'll have to play around with a stereo chorus or a cheap splitter as you suggested.
  5. Josh Ryan

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    Mar 24, 2001
    Good luck. Sometimes you can just double the track after it's recorded and experiment with changing the phase or using interesting reverbs on them.
  6. Just wanted to post an update.

    I can split the signal when I run my 4-track into my "line in". The channels need to be approprately panned. This also has the advantage of multiple points of controling levels.

    Cakewalk is nice becasue you can copy the track into the left or right channel and either switch channels or have them both at the same time.
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    You could also get an adapter plug that has a mono 1/4" female side to a stereo 1/8" male. This will connect your mono bass signal to both stereo channels.
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    you can also switch the recording preferances to record in mono, instead of sterio. I'm pretty positive any recording software designed for guitars and bass WILL have a switch that lets you select a mono input, or sterio. The reason why it's only going to the left channel, is because if you've noticed, "left" is designated for "mono" on almost everything, just look closely at some Female RCA jacks, often it will say "L(mono) - R"