SOLD Lefty Early 80s Hondo Deluxe 830 Series

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    Jun 6, 2018
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    I purchased this several years ago as a backup bass after seeing the kudos on the TB Hondo forum stating it compares favorably to the Fender MIJ and MIK basses. Not sure if it's Japanese or Korean made, but it's as solid as a tank and sounds great. Recently updated with new electronics, pickguard, Gotoh bridge, knobs and D'Addario roundwounds. This also has the tough-to-find roasted maple neck that looks and feels great. A few road warrior nicks and chips, but priced to sell.

    Selling it because I recently upgraded to a slightly newer ... Hondo Deluxe 830 Series bass.

    Will include original black pickguard, gold knobs and gold ashtray.

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