LEFTY MTD Kingston KX5... Damn near New - Make Offer

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    Selling off my MTD Kingston KX 5 string... Purchased last fall for use with an act I will not be working, and have found that that I have little use for a 5 string otherwise.

    Natural gloss finish, Maple fingerboard - sold with and shipped in hard case.

    Like all left handed MTD Kingston KX, was originally a Kz5 that has been upgraded with Bartolini pickups and Pre-amp specifically made for Mike Tobias' instruments. Plays like a dream, and has little to no wear. No dings, scratches or noticeable wear.

    Will send photos to interested parties. Only selling off to facilitate the purchase of a replacement 4 string to add to my arsenal.

    This bass typically sells @ $1500.00 + willing to make one hell of a deal.

    Data on instrument can be viewed @ http://www.mtdkingston.com/basses/ZX.htm Serious offers only.
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    you must state a sale price, forum rules
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    C'mon, answer your PM. :)