Legion and madison speakers

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by anotherbassist, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. are these bass cabs any good, has anyone ever tried them out?


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    Jan 4, 2002
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    I have never heard the Legion Cabs but I do own cabs from Madison and they are not bad at all,and if you'r own a serious budget you cant go wrong.the sound is solid and focused Im waiting on two 410 Cabs as we speak.
  3. anybody else know anything about these cabs, i am thinking about either the legion 8x10 or the madison 4x12
  4. The 0x

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    Aug 24, 2003
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    The LeigonSound and X-Audio cabs are just gimmicks to sell madisons. From what other ppl say, they use cheap chinese-car subwoofers. I would get an Avatar instead of any Madison or likewise.
  5. Metal Mitch

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    Jul 14, 2003
    I'm up to 3 Madison cabs now :D the 4x10, the 1x15 and the 1x18. All of them have excellent sound quality, clarity, and transparency.

    The 4x10 is the best stand-alone cabinet I own. The clarity is so good it's scary. Very subtle tweaks of EQ or compression make a huge difference in the sound, and changes in technique can be heard quite clearly. This is one of those "modern full-range 10" cabs, so it's a bit short on mids but has good solid bottom. Plenty enough for a 4 string, but rolls off a bit in the 5 string low register.

    The 1x15 lacks SPL in the bottom, even for a 4-string. But it's very clear - not muddy at all. The tonal quality is very good and it has more mids than the 4x10, so it works especially well as a mid-driver with the 4x10 cab. Madison also makes a different 15 driver with a lower Fs (and lower power handling), but they only offer it in their 2x15 cab.

    The 1x18 has more usable mids than any 18 I've ever heard, and the same clarity as the other cabs. Combined with the 1x15 it sounds like a 2x15 with more bottom. I replaced the stock woofer with Madison's X series higher power-handling model which also has a much lower Fs, so it handles my B flat tuning with ease and punch. Not muddy or boomy at all.

    Of course transparency may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you're looking for. I happen to like speaker coloration, but I picked these up on scratch-and-dent sale over at steelsound.com and for the price they can't be beat. Forget about the Legion stuff, just keep checking back on the scratch-and-dent dept. to see if they have any Madisons in there. ;)

    P.S. almost forgot about the tweeters... I'm one of those "I hate tweeters" guys, and I actually like these tweeters. They don't sound harsh at all, and you can turn them all the way off if you want.
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