Legit? Seems cheap

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    Assuming everything is verified re: ownership/use, Value is in the eye of the beholder.
    Personally, I would get a new T-Funk for less than half, but to a Collector, its different. An "inferior" Vintage bass that is not built as well several of my modern axes, but costs 20X more, etc.
    A far as Celebrity, that really means nada to me. I wouldn't want to have to gig with either Jaco's or JJ bass.

    If someone wants to drop 5 large to "own" & honor a piece of Jaco pastorius- cool.
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  3. This has been on the market for years, it will not fetch this price or more.
    Though he has been dropping the price. It was $15,000.
    From 2004 Buy Jaco's amp! Only $15,000
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    I bet Jaco is laughing his butt off over this one.
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  5. Might give it a go if it makes me sound like Jaco.
    On the other hand, for $30-$40 used, I can get a multi-effects pedal with a setting that will make me sound like Jaco. :laugh:
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