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    Apr 6, 2020
    Bass : Tone Max / Volume Max / Bridge Pup Selected
    Bass Selection : Rickenbackers /4001 Maple / 4003 Maple or Walnut / 4004 Walnut or Maple
    Or any High Output Jazz Basses or Any high output Bass that has very nice natural mids or if you can find any Stereo Output Bass Go for it

    Amp : Bass : 0
    Low Mid : Max
    Mid : Max
    High Mid : Max
    Mid Frequency : Middle
    Treble : 0
    Gain : Max / Drive : in Between of Half and Max

    Amp Selection : Marshall Cabinets And Head (You can find Them at Equipboard.com) (Expensive)
    Or You can just find an amp that doesn't Fades the sound of your bass with that settings. Some amps Fades the sound of your bass when Gain or drive maxed.
    Orange Crush 100 is very nice IMHO.

    Strings : Medium Dunlop 50-105 / 45-105
    Medium Dean Markley 45-105

    Playing Technique : "You must use a pick" Its first tradition :D / You must do some power chords and scales these things are bedrock of lemmy tone. You must play bass like rhytmn Guitar or lead electric guitar. NOT just touching the strings.

    Also Lemmy Hates the Bass sound,Thats why he gets his signature bass tone. Bass and treble -0 ,All mids at Max. Not bass guitar sound,The Bass sound he hates.

    His Technique is simple 》 [Rhytmn - Chords - Rhytmn - Solo - Rhytmn - Ending Solo ] He is doing this combination for almost every song.
    Like i said He usually used Bridge Pup.
    If you have thunderbird Lemmy likes thunderbirds neck pups.
    You can see a 4001 with thunderbird neck pup he used " A maple 4001 with Mother*ucker Sticker on the horn" that bass has that combination .

    Thanks for reading if there is something that i missed please add them on reply
    You can note something about lemmy it would be a pleasure to read something about my idol.

    1945 Born To Lose | Lived to Win | 2015 Killed By Death
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  2. I will say one thing, Lemmy had a very unique style and tone that ift in very well with his band and his music. I think this is the Ric with the T-Bird pickup, it's an old one as they haven't had those walnut headstock wings since I don't know when, sometime around 1969-1970, they recently went back to them.

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    Apr 6, 2020

    Also i am big fan of Rickenbackers own stereo output (Rick O Sound) i dont know if there is a bass with that feature
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  4. That one is a 4001S I just noticed and those only had a mono output so unless he had it converted it's a mono. All later 4001's are stereo, I think they srated somewhere around 1970, all 4003's are also stereo, the S models are mono, you can tell the difference at a glance by the dots on the neck as opposed to the shark tooth inlays on the 4001's and 4003's.

    I have a 1979 4001 and a 1985 4003FL (fretless), just click them for full size.

    IMG_20191005_212118_resized_20200524_041311376.jpg Rickenbacker.jpg
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    It's a lovely tone but I can't see anyone else using it unless you specifically want to sound like Lemmy. Much like Jaco it is so personal it sounds cliché when others do it.
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    Flamingoes dance on crackers