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Lenzer Wound Gut E and A FS/FT

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings, & Accessories' started by tyb507, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. Used lightly, the E was on my bass for <2 months, the A less. I just don't like the round winding.

    $50 each, or I'd trade them for a plain gut A string and $$.

  2. E string is on hold pending payment, A string still available!
  3. A string still for sale, only on the bass a few weeks!
  4. Bump for a lightly-used, wound gut A string!
  5. Buy this A string!
  6. samriley


    Jul 14, 2008
    What string length bass do you have? I need to be careful as I have 43.5" stop and many strings' silk end wrapping pulls over the nut. If it's a long string, I'm interested :). Also how much to Australia?
  7. Mine is 41.75. This string is about 66.5" long, and the winding stops a around 55 inches, and switches to unwound gut at the peg end. There is no silk. I don't imagine there would be a problem with your scale length. I'll shoot you a PM about shipping.
  8. A string is still available!
  9. Both strings gone!

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