Les Claypool's sound

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by PB24Bond, Sep 23, 2000.

  1. PB24Bond


    Aug 29, 2000
    I've been playing bass for about two years and listening to Primus for basically as long. I love the way Claypool's plays, but I haven't a clue as to how he gets that kind of dirty sound. A fellow bassist said that it's just distortion and compression, but I haven't been able to get it with my Korg AX-30. Any ideas?
  2. hm... i have no clue which patches he uses, but i do know for a fact that he uses Boss Multi effects... which ones i dont know the names, but i do know that they were made by boss and that they were multi-effects. But, that wasnt all he used, he had about 3 or 4 effects up there, and i know that there was more then one multi effect.
  3. rmp5s


    May 19, 2000
    Yea. Go to the Primus site. You can find EVERYTHING there.