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Les is more......

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by christos, Feb 27, 2001.

  1. Where can I find a bridge with a Whammy for bass........You know like the one Les has?
    I am making my old Epiphone into a monster project.......
  2. The tremolo units that Les uses were made by a company called Kahler. The unfortunate thing is they have stopped making guitar and bass bridges in favor of golf clubs. I did see another manufacturer at this years NAMM show with bass tremolos (cannot remember for the life of me the name) but as for finding the type that Les uses you will probably need to buy used if you can find one at all. Good luck.
  3. Ok, it can be any brand I just need a bass tremolo.....

    thanks anyway chaoslord......
  4. I know there is still one made. Try Allparts or Stewart/Macdonald website. That's a pretty in depth project, though, man. The only bass trems i've seen require you to route through the body for the springs/etc. <p>
    I've played a B.C. rich warlock bass(old school with a leapord skin paint job)with a trem and it would not stay in tune, even with only light bar pulls. How many guitar players have you met that can keep their Strat in tune while playing with the trem? I haven't met a single one.
  5. Well, my guitar stays in tune with the trem, no matter how hard or soft I tug it.
    That sounded wrong. :p
    For some reason when I try to link to the pic of my guitar, it doesn't work. SO, if you're desperate to see it you can go to www.geocities.com/beerboxerboy
    From the index page take this path:
    band related stuff -> Here we go. A NICE pic...


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