Les Paul 3 way toggle on a Jazz bass

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  1. 4Slater


    May 23, 2008
    I'm building a bass.

    One of the features I'd like to add is a 3 way Les Paul style pick up selector in essence eliminating one volume control.

    This would be alot like the Telecaster guitar having a master volume, tone and selector..

    has anyone done this?

    is there one out there that will fit in the forward position?
  2. badboy1984


    Mar 27, 2007
    United Kingdom
    It is possible to do this, but you got to ask yourself. "Will this config do me any good".

    with this config you can either have neck pickup on, both on or bridge pickup on.

    You can't blend any sound on the 2 pickup you have so you can't dial in different tone.

    Also depend on pickup you have, you may have hum by running 1 pickup only.
  3. Look for opinions on the Yamaha BB414 and BB415, they use this switch.
  4. robert43


    Jun 5, 2007
    Hi its been done I have see several done here but I have put a 4 postion switch on my jazz v & t + postion 1 bridge 2 series ( P bass) 3 parallel ( J bass ) 4 neck
    I like it + I didnt have enlage the plate so I can 1 day go back ti V V T if I want to
  5. 4Slater


    May 23, 2008
    I'm mostly concerned with the placement.

    Will it fit? [in the first slot?]

    Do I probably need to put it at the end [3rd position]

    To me it looks to fit the best after the volume and tone and right before the jack.

    I know about 60 cycle. [It doesn't bother me]

    as far as blending. that's not really something I want. the dominant or louder pickup surges through and basically takes over anyway. I use duncan quarter pounders [passive]

    Humbucking is good. [both on]

    I really like the bridge pickup with the tone rolled back a little.

    It's fretless.

    I wanted originally to put the switch in the first position like the Telecaster guitar.

    I wish Fender would just make a bass like this.

    They make the tele. why not the same sort of set up for a jazz bass?

    It only makes sense to me.

    about the 60 cycle hum. In the future I may opt to install double coils.. but that's another bass.

    This bass is very basic. the switch makes it even more basic in my eyes.
  6. 4Slater


    May 23, 2008
    yours is a "P"

    will it work in the jazz?

    3 way toggle-Volume-Tone-Jack

    I got one of those rectangular les paul copy switches.

    I may have to find a mini switch huh?
  7. robert43


    Jun 5, 2007
    Hi I am in Australia got it at Dick Smith but in US you would get it in any electrionic shop ire Radio Shack http://www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/dse.storefront/486ec3a1080f2ade2740c0a87f9c0713/Product/View/P7506
    You have to put in bridges etc but I can show you
    My Bass is a Parts Jazz bass with GFS Jazz pups


    The 4 way rotay switch in in the middle , The MM knock off has a 3 way rotay switch its again the centre switch . You would know there is any diffrence untill you turn the switch
  8. Beej


    Feb 10, 2007
    Vancouver Island


    I moved the input jack in order to fit mine. Its volume, volume, tone. The switch selects between the neck and bridge pickups - in the middle position they are both on. The neck volume pot is a push/pull that selects between series and parallel wiring. When its pushed in its series and the neck volume becomes master volume, the bridge volume is bypassed and the switch becomes a mute switch in the down position...
  9. What kind of 4-way switch is that?

    Is there an ordinary "les paul style" switch that has 4 positions?

  10. robert43


    Jun 5, 2007
    Hi its a Rotary switch click on the link in my post above
  11. 4Slater


    May 23, 2008
    That set up is the closest thing to what I'm after. You've also added the "in phase-out phase" option. [very cool! the tone difference there should offer semi high mid-range or low-mid tones right?]

    My bass has no pick-guard. Just a control plate.

    I'm probably going to get a mini-3-way and drop it in the neck pickup's slot.

    You kept the 2 volumes. I want a master volume only.

    I'm going for minimalism.
  12. Beej


    Feb 10, 2007
    Vancouver Island
    Mine used to select between in phase / out of phase, but I removed it and added a series/parallel after a while because the phase switch just introduced way too much noise.

    To install a single switch with a control plate only, I'd probably try to fit it in the neck volume hole, as the switch might interfere with the jack if it was placed in the tone hole.

    It would be easy to make a master volume and tone control and have the selector switch like a tele. The only downside is that in the middle position you will have both pickups on fullblast and can't dial in one over the other for extra tonal variation like I still can. If you like the sound of them both on full tilt, then you're good to go anyway.

    Good luck...
  13. 4Slater


    May 23, 2008

    I don't need to be blending and what not.

    I want it to be jus t like a Tele guitar.

    Simple, bold and easy to control.
  14. Thump Jr.

    Thump Jr.

    Jun 8, 2008
    SW FL
    If that's the case, you might also consider (for style, mostly) a rotary pickup selector ala the EB-series basses. It would certainly be different. I like the idea of the Les Paul-style switch, though; and as a Tele owner, I can testify that its controls are all I need with nothing I don't. Best of luck.
  15. redielg


    Jun 9, 2008
  16. 4Slater


    May 23, 2008
    I like the telecaster simplicity.

    I also like the Les Paul toggle switch.

    You'd have to put a slot in the Jazz control plate.

    I'd rather have a round hole. :D

    my neck came in.

    I'll post pictures when it's done.

    I told him to go with 2 volumes if it wont fit.

    We're probably going to go with the 3rd postion [tone slot]

    either way I'm okay.
  17. 4Slater


    May 23, 2008
    It's a take on the telecaster and the jazz.

    68' tele bass headstock.//62' jazz bass body style [no pickguard]

    rock Maple neck, pau ferro fretless fingerboard, sunburst jazz body [by squier], grover machines, hip shot extender, bone nut, hip shot retainer, Duncan designed neck p-u, duncan quarter pounder p-u, gotoh 201 bridge, 250 k pots volume and tone, .047 cap,

    and maybe a les pul 3 way toggle for pickup selection.

    the big IF. [IF IT'LL FIT]:bassist: