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Let me get my money tree....

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bryan bailey, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. wulf


    Apr 11, 2002
    Oxford, UK
    $1,650.00 from one bid? Is it really going to sound and play like $1600 worth of bass?

    I suspect this one is going to end up with a bass collector rather than a bass player...

  2. More than likely... ~ Tyler
  3. How many bass players actually want to spend that much money on a 30 year old bass? The only true big difference in sound from that and a reissue is probably in the mind.
  4. I totally agree.
  5. I dunno, this looks fishy.

    And for that asking price? I wouldn't touch it with a 10ft barge pole. The description is awful.

    There is no picture of the scratch, how do we know this isn't a crack?

  6. Dr.SixString


    Apr 30, 2002
    :eek: :eek:
    Ooooo, it's identical to my '69 jazz but....much more paint on this one:(:D:D
    If you get the money BUY IT!!