let me see your pacific blue burst Stingrays!

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  1. Okay so I'm buying my self a bday present this week (turned 19 today) and Ive been saving up for a stingray 5hh and now its time!

    I'm thinking of getting the pacific blue burst one but Ive seen some pictures that you can barley see the blue but I'm not sure if that's the lighting or how it was taken or what. So let me see yours! I want to be positive that the blue is completely noticeable before I order. Thanks in advance!
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    I think that is what colour my Ray is... I may be wrong. My Ray is a few years old, I thought they dropped this colour.

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    Pacific Blue Burst is gorgeous. However, the color has been discontinued. If you plan on buying a Stingray new from EBMM, the colors are black, white, sunburst, natural, and stealth.
  4. musiciansfriend still has the other colors, its probably the last batch of what they still have in stock before they started discontinuing stuff
  5. they did but someplaces still sell it, probably once these ones are gont there done tho. thanks for the pics looks beautiful!

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